Can You Make Cold Brew With Milk Instead of Water?

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Can You Make Cold Brew With Milk Instead of Water

Can you make Cold Brew with Milk instead of Water?

Yes, you can! While it is feasible to make coffee with milk and without using water, it is not always a good idea. A weaker mug of espresso will result from doing so, and it can also result in milk clotting and espresso machine blockage. It is best to utilize a French press and boil the milk if you choose to use milk instead of water.

Can you make Cold Brew with Milk instead of Water?

If you love coffee, you might also like cold brew in the summertime. It takes a bit longer to prepare cold brew but it is very simple and has a more delicious taste than other drinks. 

Have you ever thought of making coffee with milk instead of water? If not, it is quite strange to think as it seems so weird! As many coffee users add water to black coffee, including milk in the cooking process is not a big deal. 

So, can you make cold brew with milk instead of water? Let’s find out its answer by going through this article! 

Can I make cold brew with milk instead of Water? 

Yes, you can make cold brew with milk instead of water. Another great way to make coffee with milk is cold brew. This method is simple to do and doesn’t require any special machinery.

Just a canning container and a strainer are required for purifying the coffee grounds. It indicates that this method is quick and easy to perform within your kitchen.

A French press can be used for cold brewing, just like it is used for warm milk. The filtering procedure is significantly simpler. You can simply use warm water to brew coffee instead of using water

You wouldn’t mix espresso extract if it has been made with milk. That’s why this approach utilizes ready-to-drink iced coffee rather than extract. Besides that, you won’t require any more water or milk.

How to make Cold-Brew Coffee with Milk?


  • You will require 30g of coffee for a 1:15 coffee to milk ratio
  • 450ml milk that can be at room temperature or cold, based on your choice
  • Brew time will take around 8 hours

Brewing Method: 

Below are the steps that you will have to follow while preparing a cold-brew coffee; 

Weight and Grind the Beans: 

First of all, 30g of finely ground coffee beans should be weighed. It is necessary to get the exact quantity of other ingredients. To improve flavor, you must strive for slightly smoother coffee grounds than those that are used for standard cold coffee. 

Thus, it is suggested to not use light roasted beans when making coffee with milk, just as you do with hot ground coffee. This will enhance the flavor and texture of the coffee.

Steep the Grounds in the Milk:

In the second step, you will have to put 450ml of milk into a small container. After doing that, you will have to give it a gentle stir or mix.

This will help to combine the coffee grinds with the milk completely. In this way, there will not remain any piece dry and distinct. 

Put it in the Fridge: 

In this step, you will have to specify the temperature for cold-brewed coffee. You would typically prepare water for brewed coffee at ambient temperature. It will maintain the consistency and taste of the coffee beans. 

However, if you choose to use milk instead of water, you should chill it while preparing. It will be efficient to prevent the milk from going bad.

The reason is that milk can become bitter if put at room temperature for as little as two hours. That is the reason, you must choose the temperature carefully.

Let it sit for 8 Hours: 

As you are using coarse grinds, you should not let milk rest for as long as you would do with water. That is the reason, 8 hours will be enough to get accurate and delicious results.

Coffee prepared with milk requires more skill to filter. A paper filter can be used, although it wasn’t very successful.

Thus, utilizing a carbon steel filtration system is more effective. The best option is to use a French press, which will result in a container of cold-brewed coffee. It will taste like a chilled latte.

How Does Cold Milk Brewed Coffee Taste Like? 

The milky cold brew is comparable to iced coffee mixed with cold milk. While the milk has a better flavor, it gives the espresso a creamy consistency and richness that you would love. 

Although the espresso is rich, you will want a finer cup because you thought the milk would help to reduce some of the coffee’s flavor. But when compared to cold brew made with water, you will find more sour flavors. 

You must leave the beverage to brew for 8 hours rather than 12 to 24 hours. It is because there can be chemical reactions that happen during this time. They are different from those that occur in cold brews made with water.


Nothing can beat the addition of cold-brew espresso in the hot months of summer. It is cool, delicious, and the finest of all as well as simple to prepare. But can you make a cold brew with milk instead of water? 

In this article, I have described all the best ways and methods to make cold brews within a short period. You can try cold brewing coffee with milk instead of water for a smoother taste that is guaranteed to please you.

What have you learned from this article? Share your comments in the comment section! 


Can you use a whole milk alternative? 

Yes, and whole milk has a lot of substitutes available. You can use soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or oat milk instead. It’s important to check that the non-dairy milk you’re using won’t cause the coffee to curdle.

What will you require to brew milky cold coffee?

To brew cold-brewed coffee with milk, you will require milk, a long spoon, and espresso beans. You will require 8 hours to brew cold coffee using milk.

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