Is Beautyrest a Good Mattress? (Secret REVEALED!)

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Is Beautyrest a Good Mattress

If you want to sleep well with comfort and have a restful sleep. Then, choose the Beautyrest mattress; yes, they are considered one of the best and most luxurious mattresses.

Beds from Beautyrest seem immensely beautiful and comfortable at less price.  They have plenty of models available so that you can buy any of them according to your comfort zone. It is available online and offline across the country.

What Are The Best Mattresses Of Beautyrest?

There are multiple types of Beautyrest mattresses, and they differ from each other.

However, all the mattresses of Beautyrest are exceptional, and they are fantastic to lie upon, but the following are a few most recommended beds that are:

  • Beautyrest Black Original 
  • Beautyrest Hybrid

Beautyrest Black Original:

It is one of the best kinds of mattresses that everyone recommends. Thanks to the BeautyEdge coils around the bed’s perimeter, it’s great for couples. It is made up of foam, which helps in pressure relief and is beneficial for spinal alignment.

 Another fantastic thing you must know about it is that: It is available in multiple varieties such as base model, cooling model, and cooling model, comfort model, etc. 


As you know, it is a hybrid design of a bed made up of multiple comfortable layers to provide edge support and relieve pressure, as mentioned earlier. Let’s discuss its layers:

T3 pocketed coils with edge support reinforcements:

 All the coils are enclosed with each other and have springs attached to their surroundings, providing support to the edges. 

1/2″ Plush Comfort Foam:

 As you know that Beauty rest mattresses are very comfortable because of their material. It feels so plushy; lie and enjoy a restful sleep.

1″ Medium Comfort Foam

It’s a few firmer layers than the previous one as it provides enough pressure relief. It is perfect for everyone but especially for people suffering from back pain.

It gives some pressure relief to them. It is worth buying at reasonable prices, but its rate is slightly higher than the hybrid one.

Beautyrest Hybrid:

It is another best and most recommended bed mattress available online across the country. It is made up of memory foam as well as coiled foam.


It is one of the most durable beds for everyone, not only for relieving pain or for any specific reason. It’s the ideal bed for every sleep type. Additionally, it is made up of a remarkable cooling effect.

T3 Pocketed coils with edge support reinforcements

As mentioned earlier, it is made up of a coil layer to provide comfort. They are adequately wrapped. If you like hot sleeping, this one offers a cooling effect that is best for you.

1″ Transition foam: This layer is made up of polyfoam. Although, It’s a bit firmer

then the other layers but more flexible.

2″ Gel memory foam

As you know, this mattress is perfect for multiple purposes. One of its purposes also includes pain relief and relaxation. 

Beautyrest Mattresses Additional

Following is some of the Beauty Mattresses’ additional information:

1: Warranty

As you know, these mattresses are online and offline, so if you buy them from the Beauty rest store.

Then, the warranty is limited, and it covers manufacturing defects for the original buyer. But, if you are buying it from any retailer, ask about the security of your retailer.

2: Reviews

Here are some honest reviews for Beauty rest:

“Beautyrest is the best mattress because it is feasible for everyone to buy and get an advantage. You can sleep peacefully, no matter if you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, etc.

It has a little lift for keeping the spine in neutral alignment for back sleepers as I am a back sleeper. So, I know how much it helped me in relieving pain and bringing relaxation.”

“I had ordered it online through a retailer once and then the next time I bought it online. Both times, service was service and the quality is perfect as well”.


Let’s discuss a few mattresses types:

1: Foam

Usually, everyone uses this kind of mattress, and it’s pretty common than the other ones as it is beneficial in absorbing heat.

2: Memory foam

It’s a very light type of foam, like ordinary foams. It is the most recommended type of foam for RV. If you live in RV and especially when you are on vacation. 

3: Gel memory foam

It’s another fantastic form of foam that is also used in Beauty rest mattresses and helps keep some cool. So, it would feel like a blessing

to you in the summer. 

4: Coiled

You might have heard about innerspring: An excellent option for you for many reasons and its benefits. 

5: Air mattress

If you have kids at your home and use an RV sometimes only, consider this option; otherwise, don’t. If you are camping, then it might be beneficial for you.


1: What is the primary purpose of Beautyrest’s black original?

Beautyrest’s black source has multiple meanings and benefits, but it is precisely for pressure relief and beneficial for spinal alignment.

2: From where to buy them?

All of them are available at multiple places nowadays, so, you can buy from wherever you want to.

3: Why do people recommend Beauty rest mattresses?

People always recommend beauty rest mattresses because they offer comfort, ease of movement, cooling effect for various sleeping positions, motion isolation, etc.  

4: Is it OK for side sleepers?              

Yes, these mattresses are perfect not only for side sleepers but also, for all types of sleepers, like back and stomach sleepers.


Beauty rest has the best and most luxurious mattresses with outstanding reviews. Beds from Beauty rest seem immensely beautiful and very comfortable to sleep in.

Some of them help in pressure relief and are beneficial for spinal alignment. It has multiple types of beds with various features.

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