Intex Air Mattress Bulge: How To Fix? Effective Ways!

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Your INTEX air mattress can start damaging if it has a bulge. These lumps commonly come from difficult-to-repair interior mattress deformation. Thus, several actions can be taken to repair air mattress lumps.

INTEX Air Mattress Bulge:

INTEX Mattress is a big and wide air mattress that is very comfortable to sleep on. If you have sudden guests in your home, it will be challenging for you to furnish a guest room for them. Right? At that point, an air mattress can be a savior.

But what should you do if you notice a lump in your air mattress? You can follow some instructions that can be taken to repair air mattress bulges. 

You have to locate the lumpy part of the air bed before opening the air valve. As the air mattress begins to compress, inflate the air bed and tap on the lump to level it out. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through a few suggestions and fixes for INTEX air mattress bulges.

What is an Air Mattress Bulge? 

It could be advisable to look for a new air mattress if you find a bubble in your present mattress. The bubble that occurs on your mattress is the bulge. Thus, it is possible to fix the bubble via some precautions and instructions. 

But if a brand-new mattress develops a bulge after only a few usages, it could be problematic. Bulges in new mattresses are the result of subpar manufacturing. 

Air mattress borders are the thinnest parts of the mattress structure. So that problems can easily occur throughout the production process. The less expensive air mattress models are not expected to last for a very long time. It is because it has used cheap materials having weak quality assurance.

What to avoid? 

One of the main reasons bubbles grow in air mattresses is adding too much air to them. Due to the forces put directly on them, there could be gaps on the mattress and cause bulges

The mattress does not have to be forcefully stretched to let them be functional or usable. Try to rest on the mattress after you’ve inflated and when it feels solid to the press. Your mattress will be fine if it will keep giving you enough support and comfort. 

Overloading air mattresses is problematic because they have a weight restriction. You must avoid placing too much weight on the mattress. So, you should check the total load capacity of the mattress before putting on weight.

Why does my mattress Bulge on One Side? 

Sometimes flaws or damages occur just in one place on the mattress. That is the reason that bubbles can only develop on one edge. Some mattresses feature a gentle layer for pleasure and a hard bottom. So, they can be used outside or on the harsh ground. 

As a result of inferior structure or composition, the soft part of the mattress will bulge more easily. You can flip the air mattress so that you will lay on opposite sides. It is because some sleeping positions can cause the mattress to bulge.

As the mattress is inflated, bubbles can occur on the mattress. It happens because the areas closest to the expansion pipe will have more stress and pressure. 

Are Air Mattresses Good?

INTEX mattresses are products that come in large sizes and deliver more inflating options. Many characteristics of air mattresses offer them an effective treatment for specific problems. Air mattresses are lightweight, compact options for casual bedding. They are suitable for short-term use, traveling, and sudden guests.

Particular application restrictions, such as domestic use only or outdoor use only, will apply to air mattresses. An air bed is not the best option if you’re searching for a solid mattress to sleep on every day.

How do I Fix my INTEX Air Mattress Bulge? 

  • First of all, you will have to disconnect all covers and accessories from the mattress but avoid deflating it. 
  • After that, softly compress the air mattress while applying light pressure to the bubble. 
  • The air should be used as quickly as the bulge becomes visible. It is time to replace the mattress if this indicates that your current mattress is unpleasant to sleep or rest on.

By gradually compressing it, you can reduce the bulge and make your mattress pleasant. You can flatten it by adding more mattress covers or sheets.

Moreover, you should get in touch with the retailer where you purchased the mattress to ask about replacements or return policies. Thus, air mattresses are frequently known as non-returnable items. The short warranty duration makes getting replacements hard.


This blog post is all about the INTEX air mattress bulge and its solutions. So, by following all the steps and procedures, you can get rid of the mattress bulges. 

When you notice a bulge in your mattress, you can deflate the mattress according to the instructions. When fully deflated, re-inflate it to see if the lump has disappeared or reduced. You have to take care that the mattress is not overinflated. 

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Are INTEX air mattresses good for kids? 

Yes, the INTEX air mattress having a pump is the finest option for kids because it has PVC material in construction. Also, they are best for traveling as they have a lightweight and durable structure.

How does the INTEX mattress work? 

Air mattresses are the best options to carry for trips and travel and you can fill as much air as you want.INTEX air mattresses are available in various sizes and have integrated pumps, which simplify the inflation process.  Their compact structure makes them easy to use and durable for the long term.

Why does my air mattress have a bulge?

There are a few possible reasons for a bulge in your air mattress. First, the item might be dissolving. Second, a leakage can be responsible for the bulge. Air will leak out of an air mattress with a crack or tear and will create a bulge.

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