How to Use an Electric Pole Saw? (Secret Ways!)

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How to Use an Electric Pole Saw? (Secret Ways!)

How to use an Electric Pole Saw? 

If you know the techniques, it is very easy to use an electric pole saw. First of all, you will have to set the position of the electric pole saw in the horizontal direction and prepare for cutting a limb. Then you will start slowly cutting the limb with complete control. Once you notice that you have placed a hole, start cutting quickly until you have done.

How to use an Electric Pole Saw

When you are cutting down tree branches or making timber, you must have a good pole saw. It is the best choice for this type of work. They have a shape that makes it easier to remove large branches. 

But there are various pole saw varieties to pick from. Good pole saws are electric ones as they are more convenient and comfortable to operate.

People prefer this style the most because they are so lightweight and convenient to use. But the question is how to use an electric pole saw. 

Simply buying an electric pole saw is insufficient. You must be aware of the appropriate techniques for using an electric pole saw. Let’s get going.

What you should do before using an Electric Pole Saw? 

When you need to cut limbs that are high into the air, these pole saws are the best items. The operator of these electric pole saws can chop the limbs while standing safely on the floor.

Before start cutting the limbs of the trees, you must follow the instructions given below: 

  • You must verify the stiffness of all nuts and fasteners. 
  • Before starting the equipment, you must examine the trigger lock. You must ensure that it moves smoothly. 
  • The chain must be clear of any indications of deterioration. 
  • You will have to inspect the petrol tank for leakage if you’re using a gas-powered tool. 
  • Also, you must examine the air purifier. 
  • You must change the ignition system each month.

How to use an Electric Pole Saw? 

An electric pole saw is very simple to use. A compact electric hatchet head, extending rods or movable rods, and an electrical wire or cell are all included with this pole saw. 

You can add bar/chain oil as necessary. This way, the chainsaw will function similarly to any other electrical chainsaw type.

You must check the following factors before cutting a limb: 

You must have a clean Working Space 

You must have a clear workspace if you use an electric pole saw that is attached to the power supply.

You must ensure there is nothing around that can snap with the electrical wire. The disposal of fallen branches will also prevent you from twisting any power cables you will have.

You must Start from the Bottom Up 

You must assess the tree which you want to cut. Are there any lower branches blocking your route to the higher ones? If so, you must clip those small leaves first.

Before cutting large limbs, you must cut away the tiny tree branches that are surrounding the larger limb.

So, how to use an electric saw to start cutting the Tree Limbs: 

1st Stage 

You must carry the saw into a vertical position using both hands. You will have to take a quick pause and try to manage the load. After that, you will apply force to the limb. 

You must try to find a posture for yourself when you hold the equipment. Moving to the side, you will have to try to grab the tip on your shoulder. You can simplify the operation by modifying the height using an adaptable pole.

2nd Stage 

In the second stage, you will have to start softly and move forward with your initial strike.

You must maintain control over it and this will enhance the sting of the movement. Here, getting into a track can be useful. 

Also, you will be able to produce quicker swings if you do this. The saw can slide in an unexpected direction. When the limbs drop, that happens.

You will have to predict this, and you need to regulate the saw at that time. You will have to try to pause and regain your strength. Then attempt to move it again and keep pushing.

3rd Stage 

When you realize you place the saw correctly on the hole you produced, half of your task will be done. All that is left to do is increase your movements.

You can utilize gravity according to your choice when you try to trim the draw stroke. During this procedure, you will have to keep an eye on the limb the entire time. 

Try to gather all of your force and balance by focusing on your task. As you have finished your task, do not make a blunder here. You must ensure you are in a secure place just before it hits the floor.

4th Stage 

It’s time to clean the area once you’ve removed the tree limbs. You will have to clean your workspace of all dropped objects and debris. You must clean up the area before beginning the new cutting.

What you should do after using an Electric Pole Saw? 

After every usage of the electric pole saw, you must adhere to the instructions given below: 

  • You will have to completely cut off the power before washing the exterior of the unit. To clean or wash the machine, you must use a moist rag. 
  • You will have to remember to clean the tool under the covering that surrounds the saw’s blades. 
  • You must place the instrument in a separate container. 
  • In the end, checking all cords and connectors is necessary. 


This short guide is on how to use an electric pole saw and what you should keep in mind while cutting. In this guide, you will get to know all the steps before and after using an electric pole saw. 

If you will follow the instructions, it will become very simple and easy for you to cut a limb of the tree using an electric hole saw. You will have to take care of not using the steps that you are unaware of. 

So, how was your experience?


How can I utilize a pole saw safely? 

Before each cut, ensure the rope has been thoroughly greased. Only cut in the daylight, when it’s simpler to see. Avoid using your pole saw when it’s raining or damp. Also, try to cut only one branch at one time.

How can I cut water sprouts with a pole saw? 

In the majority of cuts, the blade begins on the limb’s upper side. The blade will strike from below the tree when doing a leap cut. With a pole saw, it is difficult or impossible to cut vertical water springs from the floor.

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