How to Make Pour Over Coffee Without a Scale? (Explained!)

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How to Make Pour Over Coffee Without a Scale?

How to make Pour over Coffee without a Scale?

First of all, you will have to set the temperature of the 400 ml of water. You will set the water to boil for some time. After that, you will get the coffee beans according to the type of coffee. Then start grinding the coffee beans and check to see if they are accurately ground. Now you will add the boiled water to it and heat it for 2 to 3 minutes. Your coffee is ready to sip!

How to make Pour over Coffee without a Scale?

It is challenging to make a great cup of coffee, and it seems hard to do it every day. You might be aware of all the various ways to make coffee if you are a coffee lover. If yes, then the pour-over coffee technique is one of them. 

Learning to make pour-over coffee without using a scale is very crucial. How to make pour-over coffee without a scale will be your next question.

The simplest and fastest method to measure coffee is on a kitchen scale. But what to do if you don’t have a scale in your kitchen?

Let’s start this discussion in detail.

What is needed to make Pour-over Coffee without a Scale? 

Below are the tools that you will require for making pour-over coffee without scale; 

  • Fresh coffee beans 
  • Warm water 
  • A typical coffee filter made of paper of Dripper 
  • A Kettle 
  • A massive mug
  • To put the filter in position, use paper clips, rubber bands, or any other workplace item

Fresh coffee beans: 

It is suggested to buy whole beans of coffee and buy a basic coffee bean grinder, preferably a blade grinder. 

Warm water: 

You will have to use the water that will be boiled to the optimal temperature. It should not be excessively hot to burn the coffee grounds. 

A Pour-Over Coffee Dripper or Filter:

For this, you will require pour-over coffee drippers. Pour-over coffee sprayers come in a wide variety of designs. Simple pour-over drippers made of ceramic, porcelain, alloy steels, or even plastic will do the work accurately. 

A Kettle: 

An instant pot or kettle with thermostat settings will be required for this. This is essential because it ensures that the water is heated to the proper degree. Thus, you can also boil the water in a pan or the microwaves. 

A massive mug:

After making the coffee, you will require a massive mug to pour coffee. 

Paper Clips and Rubber Bands:

To put the filter in position, use paper clips, rubber bands, or any other workplace item. 

How to make Pour-Over Coffee without using Scale? 

Below are the steps to make a pour-over coffee with a scale. 

Step 1 

First of all, you will chop your coffee grounds and for this, you can use your grinder. Coffee beans should be measured up to 4 tablespoons and ground to a medium to medium/fine consistency.

If your grinder has presets, you can easily adjust it. You won’t be able to set your grinder according to the requirements if it does not have preset options.

In other words, an ideal grinder takes 12 seconds to set the options. So, you must try it first before starting.

Step 2 

Your coffee dripper should have a strainer in it, along with the coffee beans. According to some experts, moistening the filter before pouring the coffee will assist you to hold it in position. You must try it before the next process. 

To level the bean, you must give the dripper a few taps. After that, you will have to put the dripper over your glass or coffee mug.

Step 3

Heat the water now. You must use purified water to get the purest flavor of the coffee. You must set your electric heater to 195 or 200 degrees and allow it to warm up. If you want the best flavor and extraction, you should not boil more than 205 degrees.

Are you using a burner to warm the water? You must bring the water to a boil, remove it from the heat and let it settle for 30 to 45 seconds before pouring. You must pour 10 ounces of water into a glass container to check the proper quantity.

Step 4 

In this process, the coffee will bloom. You must wait for the water to flow after pouring enough water to wet the beans. It will take only 30 seconds. In this step, you will feel the pleasant odor of the coffee.

Step 5

Now you will add more water to the dripper in a small circular shape from the outside. Before stopping, you will wait for the coffee to trickle into the cup when the dripper is filled. 

The excess water should be consumed after one more pour. It will take roughly 3 minutes to complete the pour-over operation. It is ready now! 


What happens, if you don’t have a coffee scale or you don’t like the way it looks? In this article, I have briefly explained how to make pour-over coffee without a scale. If you will learn to make pour-over coffee with this article, you won’t need a costly scale to use. 

After reading this article, you will come to know all the techniques, tactics, and methods to make a pour-over coffee without using a scale. So, I must read all the steps carefully to avoid any mistakes.

Have you learned how to make pour-over coffee without scale? Share your feedback with me!


How to use a coffee maker scale? 

You will add coffee grinds to the filter when you place your cup and brewer on the scale’s top. To ensure even drainage, you will have to give your brewer a little toss to balance the coffee grounds. After that, you will have to increase blooming to zero off your scale.

How to make perfect coffee at home? 

You will have to set the temperature of fresh water at 200°F. After that, you will boil the water, then remove it from the heat. Let it set for 30 seconds to obtain the proper temperature without a scale. Then add roasted coffee beans to it.

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