How to Make Iced Coffee Without Milk? (Easiest Way!)

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How to Make Iced Coffee Without Milk

How to make Iced Coffee without Milk?

If you want to make iced coffee without milk, you will have to use your preferred way of brewing coffee. You will pour it into a container after it has completed brewing. Then put it in the refrigerator to cool. After that, you will put it into a glass filled with ice once it has cooled, then sip it.

How to make Iced Coffee without Milk?

Are you a coffee lover but don’t you like milk in your coffee just like me? If this is the case then how to make iced coffee without milk? To make an iced coffee without will be a bit different compared to normal coffee. 

It is because all the coffee recipes require milk or cream for making. You can use your normal method to brew coffee and then add ice to it to make iced coffee.

Before putting ice in your cup of coffee, you can add sugar or honey to taste. Also, putting some syrups with flavors like caramel or walnut will be an option for you.

Well, there is a lot more to know about coffee making without milk. Let’s discover it!

What is Iced Coffee? 

Iced coffee is a cold beverage as exactly its name indicates. In hot countries and mostly during the summer months, iced coffee is a favorite and popular drink of everyone. It has a terrific flavor, provides a good amount of caffeine, and is also cool and refreshing.

Iced coffee has a different flavor than hot or cold coffee, which is why many people enjoy it. It is a bit different than the other coffee flavors. 

Some experts have even proposed that the history of iced coffee dates back to the 1880s. Iced coffee consumption has become a global phenomenon. Now almost all coffee shops provide iced coffee all year long.

If you don’t like milk in the iced coffee, you can prepare it without adding milk. Also, you can add sugar or honey if you want a sweet flavor to your coffee.  

How to make Iced Coffee without Milk? 

There are a few different methods for making iced coffee without using milk. All these methods of making coffee without milk are pretty quick and simple. 

Let’s talk about a few methods.

  • In the first method, you will have to make a pot of espresso just as you make it normally. After that, you can put it into a glass with crushed ice. So, your iced coffee is ready to drink! 
  • In the second method, you will have to steep the coffee beans in ice water for 12 hours. They will help to make chilled and freshly roasted coffee. Then you can strain it and serve it with ice. 
  • The third method is making Affogato. In this method, you can add a scoop of ice cream with the coffee. First, you will prepare a cup of coffee without adding milk, and then add a scoop of ice cream in it. For this, you can choose any flavor of ice cream that you would like. 

So, there are many choices available if you’re seeking a cool iced coffee without milk.

A simple Recipe to make Iced Coffee without milk at Home

Here is a fantastic method to use if you want to experiment with brewing iced coffee without milk. This tasty, dairy-free, and very simple iced coffee is excellent to drink.

You will require the following items for this:

  • Espresso grounds
  • Ice cubes
  • Water


  1. First, you will make the coffee with water in the brewing machine
  2. After completing the brewing process, you will put it in the container and then in the refrigerator to cool. 
  3. Now put it into an ice-filled glass once it has cooled, then sip it. Here you can also add sugar or honey to sweeten your iced coffee. 

Without adding oat milk, soy milk, or coconut milk, these flavors will sweeten the cold-brewed coffee. 

Can you put Ice in Hot Coffee? 

Do you like both hot and cold coffee to drink with or without adding sugar? Making cold or iced coffee is a quite quick and easy method. If you are in a hurry, you can add ice to your hot coffee to let it cool quickly. 

So, yes, you can add ice to the hot coffee. It will be healthier to drink hot coffee with ice. It is gentler on the stomach to drink iced coffee because it has less bitterness than hot coffee.

Additionally, ice cubes are composed of water, and adding them to your coffee will saturate it. In this way, you can drink hot coffee with ice in the morning as an energy booster. 

  • You must ensure that your coffee is sufficiently strong to avoid diluting by ice cubes. 
  • Second, you must add ice cubes before cream or milk which prevents them from melting. 


Iced coffee is the ideal beverage to drink during the summertime no matter whether you use water or milk.

Preparing iced coffee can be a little difficult if you don’t drink milk. In this article, I have demonstrated how to make iced coffee without milk using a simple method.

In most methods, the coffee is to be mixed with milk or cream before being blended with ice. But you can make iced coffee without using it. I have described the method in this blog post.

You must remember that you can only store ice coffee for 24 hours in the fridge. Have a good coffee day! 


Can iced coffee be made without milk? 

Yes, you can make iced coffee at home without adding milk. You can add hot water instead of adding milk to the coffee. The rest of the method is just the same as simple coffee making.

Can coffee be made with water? 

Yes, you can use water to make coffee. The quantity of water you use determines how wonderful your coffee will be. You can use purified or mineral water if the water in your taps isn’t pure or has strong smells or odors.

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