How To Make A Nightstand Taller? (5 Easy Ways!)

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How To Make A Nightstand Taller

So how to make a nightstand taller? The most straightforward way to extend your nightstand is to add additional legs. Still, you can get it even more practical by incorporating an upper box and back surface with customizable drawers.

It isn’t very easy to increase the height of a nightstand. You will have to make the correct adjustments for simple access and eliminate the unusual aspect.

Even though everyone has a varied choice for the height of their very own nightstands, side tables should typically be equal to your bedding and ideally up to 6 inches higher for finest usability.

How to Make a Nightstand Taller

The best part is that numerous techniques raise it taller, boost its entire look, and sometimes even offer it a modern, stylish element. Let’s examine the five methods for extending the height of your nightstand.

  • Increasing the Height of the Nightstand

You can elevate the nightstand’s height whether it has a sole compartment or an underneath portion. In that situation, gently remove the cabinet and upper framework to start disassembling them.

The drawer rail must be trimmed, and the gap must be permanently sealed. After that, adjust the corners of the nightstand by elevating the drawer slider and putting a short cut wedge that seems much like the gap extender.

Insert the drawer and make the appropriate changes to the countertop. As per your preferences and capacity available, you can place extra goods on the raised base of the cabinet.

  • Place the Feet Bun

This is undoubtedly the best remedy if you have a nightstand in your main bedroom that is not really big enough. Use the standard thumb rule in this type of scenario: the elevation should be a few inches taller than your bedding or 3 to 6 inches higher.

You could still permit the nightstand’s bun toes to be raised with or without a bottom base. It is available at any Hardware Store, but you really should purchase products that suit its appearance. Then use a screw to tighten it.

You could continue the process speedily as it takes only a few minutes. You can like to conclude by applying a layer of paint in a similar shade.

  • Putting in the Caster

For all of those wanting to upgrade the side table, this is perhaps the optimal solution as it delivers the modern antique furnishings appearance. The freedom to walk your bedroom stand as per your preferences is a significant benefit.

Equipment required for the experiment includes one rechargeable drilling machine, a drill press that meets the required specifications, and brass casters for every foot.

Turn the table facing down on a smooth surface and indicate the area where you might punch the opening for the caster screw.

You must create a sizable opening and the pilot while adjusting the casters. You must conclude the task in between 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Placing Small Wood Blocks

The accompanying technique utilizes the use of fine, properly sized blocks of wood. Break the simple wood piece into four basic chunks by gripping it. Keep in mind the wooden blocks fit your nightstand without effort.

If there were no other possibilities, the strategy would be especially beneficial. It is easy to comprehend, simple, and economically sound.

  • Putting the Tapering Leg Jig in place

You will use a few crucial equipment and supplies for this approach, such as a table sawing machine, plywood, hinges, fasteners, toggling joints, a drilling set, as well as other add-ons.

To begin, trim a sheet of plywood to the side table measurements. It would be best if you sustained a nightstand that might be slightly higher than your bending.

The very next goal is to construct a small slot that would enable the screw head cover to adjust quickly.

For all the other sides, repeat the same procedure. Now, make a shallow hole with the spiraling tool so the screw will slide perfectly. Modify and assemble your table by using screws. Once the toggling joints are in place, secure the bolts and nuts.

Ensure that the bolt is appropriately short to strengthen the security of your bottom part. Last but not least, mount the jig to the miter line and trim the edges. Measure the area to be cut, and then use the saw to trim the leg bottom. 

Trim the leg again even after spinning it 90 degrees. The technique works on all edges, and it might assist in creating the best-tapered leg.

During screwing, you would need to take considerable precautions. We suggest using a drilling machine or other fastening equipment and that you finish out this procedure by yourself.

  • Place the additional wood board beneath the top.

To use this strategy, you first detach the top or top framework. Remove the side table’s cabinets as well as other accouterments out to do this.

Calculate the current extension’s measurements and record further readings. Finally, construct the new structure and layout in compliance with your desires.

Use the wooden or screw adhesive to connect it to the upper framework or portion. You could now again attach all the attachments, along with the upper drawer surface. Lastly, you can repaint it or polish well according to your preferences.

Incorporate the Thick Dowel Part

It is just another ideal way to elevate your nightstand. Bare in mind that you’ll need to cover the surface with a sheet or pane of glass.

The thick dowel sections are quickly addressed or fastened to the borders. Use wooden adhesive or suitable screws for fresh modifications if you’re not pleased with the durability.


According to a recent study, many peoples face many problems with their nightmare stands will be tough to reach your possessions if your bedside table is too lower, and the visual beauty of your room design might suffer greatly.

The solutions available to you when considering how to make a nightstand taller are beautifully explained in this article. You can now quickly increase its height following your preferences by employing any of these approaches.

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