How to Keep Split King Mattresses Together? (Tested!)

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How to keep split king mattresses together?

At the top and feet of the bed, attach it with double-sided tape to the side of the mattresses. Lashing straps can be found in kits or bought separately. Wrap them around the two beds. Tighten and fasten the belt. This binds the two mattresses together.

Selecting a split king mattress may be the best decision a couple can make for sleep. Nobody is the same, and neither are their sleeping habits!

As a result, split king adjustable beds are the perfect option for couples who want to maximise their personal sleep quality while still sharing a bed with their loved ones.

The various health advantages of adjustable beds, such as reduced back pain, snoring, sinus pressure, and acid reflux, are well-known. And the lifestyle perks they give, such as eating, working, and watching TV in bed, are huge game changers, in our opinion!

So, what’s the problem?

Despite all of the advantages, we are occasionally asked by split king mattress users how to keep split king mattresses connected. They want to understand how to prevent the beds from slipping apart at night! 

While most individuals do not feel any mattress movement, some discover their mattress has shifted slightly out of place by the morning, which can be aggravating. Nobody wants to be caught in the crack while trying to meet your partner in the centre! 

So, if you’re one of these folks who has gone through this, here’s how to keep adjustable split king mattresses together!

How Do I Keep My Split King Mattress Together?

There are five simple ways to protect your split king mattress from separating.

  • Adjust the split connector
  • Ratchet straps
  • Non-slip tape
  • Mattress gripper
  • Fitted bed frame

Adjust the Connector:

The primary reason mattresses move on beds with links is frequently a too tight interconnection.

Some split beds already have an iron plate connection installed. This may appear contradictory, but if the frames are too firmly screwed together, they may force the mattresses apart.

The issue is resolved by increasing the spacing between the frames. To do so, pull the mattresses apart a couple of inches and adjust the connection. Push the beds back to meet in the middle once the plate is positioned correctly.

Because the bed might start to bend up somewhat in the centre if the connector is too tight, adjusting the plate frequently solves the problem.

Giving it some slack flattens down the frame and increases the surface area of the mattresses. Consider it like a drain; if the earth slopes away from the drain, the water will not drain.

Use ratchet straps:

Ratchet straps are another excellent solution to hold split king mattresses together. To keep the ratchet strap from splitting, wrap it around the center of your mattress.

If you have an adjustable split king mattress, aim for the piece that is not impacted by the bed’s articulating head and foot sections.

Place a hand towel between your mattress and the ratchet to protect it. Wrap the strap around both beds until the ratchet is below, then pull the towel out.

Try Non-Slip Tape:

If you have a tiny bit of mattress movement, a simple option is to apply non-slip tape. Do you know that tape that protects rugs from sliding around? That’s the correct one—Lay non-slip tape beneath each mattress to solve the problem.

Use a mattress gripper:

If placing non-slip tape below both mattresses still doesn’t work, you might consider using a mattress gripper.

Mattress grippers should perform better than non-slip tape since they are more durable. The same approach applies; simply lay it under both beds to prevent movement or sliding.

Use a Fitted Bed Frame:

If everything fails, one approach differentiates itself from the rest for keeping split king mattresses together.

Buying a fitted frame is one of the most attractive ways to keep two mattresses together. You may create it as simple as four wooden planks or as elaborate as a fully customized bed frame with a gorgeous headboard, footboard, and drawers.

This is the most excellent technique to keep the mattresses together while injecting some personality into the design.

Because split king beds are available in standard sizes, finding a suitable frame should be simple. You can create one if you have the materials and skills.

The best aspect about installing a frame is that it will not interfere with the height adjustment of the bed.

The sole disadvantage of using a frame is that the beds are more difficult to separate. It’s not permanent, so you can still move them about, but you won’t have much difficulty ripping them apart while putting the sheets on.


What is the best way to fill the space between two mattresses?

To fill the gap, apply a conventional king mattress topper to your split king mattress. Alternatively, you might use a gap filler to produce a uniform surface without changing the feel on each side.

How can a split king mattress be kept from sliding?

A non-slip pad and non-slip tape can be used to keep split king beds from sliding.

How do you maintain sheets on a split king bed?

To keep the sheets tight, use twin XL sheets for each mattress and sheet straps on each corner.

Is it possible to cuddle on a split king?

A split king mattress is suitable for cuddling. However, we recommend using a king-sized mattress topper to fill the space between the two beds. You might also try bridging the area with a piece of foam or a specific gap filler.


Split king beds are a terrific concept in principle, but there may be unexpected complications.

Using any of the ways listed above – or perhaps a combination of them – you should be able to pull your roaming bed back under control and finally get the perfect sleep they promised you.

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