How to Cut Off Bolt With Angle Grinder? (7 Easy Steps!)

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How to Cut Off Bolt With Angle Grinder

How to Cut off Bolt with an Angle Grinder? 

You will have to turn on the angle grinder and cut through the screw at a smooth inclination. Then you will wipe up the ending of the screw with a tabletop sander or a cloth before removing the bolt with a tool. Here you will have to wait a few seconds before contacting the screw because it will be hot to touch.

How to Cut off Bolt with Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is the best alternative to utilize to minimize visible screw bolts. This is the best procedure that is helpful to cut off the bolt using an angle grinder. A bench clamp and an angle grinder with a steel cut-off disk are required for this. 

How to cut off the bolt with an angle grinder? For this, you will have to outline the area you need to slice using a Sharpie pen. Then you can cut the screw head with the clamp. You will turn on the angle grinder, and cut through the screw at a flat inclination. 

You can make this task easier by using the instructions given below. Let’s have a start!

What tools will you require to cut the bolt with an Angle Grinder? 

Before starting to cut off the bolt, you will require some tools that will help make your task simple and quick. Below are some tools that you will have to collect for this:

  • Bolt: 

It could be detached or misplaced.

  • Sharpe pen or pointer: 

You can utilize a marker or pen for marking.

  • Ruler: 

A meter stick can also be used properly.

  • Nuts: 

You will need two nuts for this task.

  • Sanding Pad: 

It is helpful for curved corners after a stroke.

  • Wrench: 

This will help for tightening the nuts

  • Bench plier: 

You will use it to tighten the screw

  • Safety Eyewear: 

To secure your sight, you must wear eyewear. 

  • Ear Cover: 

To keep your ears safe, you must wear an ear cover.

  • Angle Grinder: 

It aids in removing the bolt’s material.

  • Grinding Disk: 

It assists in integrating with the grinding machine.

Steps to Follow to cut off bolt: 

Below I am going to describe the steps that you will have to follow to cut off the bolt with an angle grinder: 

1st Phase:

First of all, you will have to create a line on the screw with a pen or marker where you want to cut. To ensure accuracy, you must check the screw with a yardstick or tape measure. The entire size must match the right dimensions. It will help you make the precise and right cut using an angle grinder.

2nd Phase: 

After that, you will have to tighten two nuts completely to the bolt’s bottom. The nuts must be twisted and placed closely together. To make it simple to fasten the screw to the clamp, this step is essential and very helpful to make it a quick task. 

As you slice the screw to the required size, the nuts will also help you line up the holes. If you don’t place the nuts first, the screws can get broken. This will make it harder to place the nuts in their position after you break the screw.

3rd Phase: 

The next stage is to firmly tighten the nut on the clamps after you have finished that process of tightening the nuts. The screw must be in the right place that is both reachable and suitable for cutting with the grinder. 

To prevent the bolt from sliding after it touches the surface with the cutter, it must be firmly fastened. This will prevent any sort of danger or risk.

4th Phase: 

You should put on protective goggles to cover your eyes before starting the cutting with an angle grinder. It is also suggested to wear earplugs because the grinder has a loud operating noise. This could harm your hearing, so it is better to protect your ears to minimize any kind of risk. 

As some people did not use safety equipment, there have been severe incidents that sent individuals to the hospital. So, being secure is preferable to being injured.

5th Phase: 

Now you will have to switch on your angle grinder slowly after fitting it with the proper sharp edge. With less effort, you can simply cut the nut. The final point you need to do is lift a sharp object with pressure. 

You can use a level inclination and maintain the boundary line you have drawn. You are now prepared to use a steady and delicate stroke to slice through the screw. Once more, you must avoid using any strain or power.


Additionally, when you perform the cut, you will have to ensure that the blades are pointed away from your body. Also, make sure that nothing will be damaged by it when it will come to you. 

After you’ve sliced the screw, you will have to avoid grabbing it as it can become hot when touched. 

Instead, you should let it cool down before holding it to prevent any tiny particles from spreading.

6th Phase: 

Now you will move towards the deburring. It is the process of removing sharp corners from a nut that has been cut. You will polish the bolt using an adhesive cloth until there are no rough edges. It is necessary because they could cut your body.

7th Phase: 

It is time to reform the threads so that the nut can be used. Before slicing the nut, you must first loosen the two nuts you attached to it.

When you face resistance at the start, you must detach the nuts. To remove the nuts from the screw easily, you will have to use a screwdriver.

How to Cut Metal Bolts with Your Angle Grinder?

If you’re working on a project that requires the cutting of metal bolts, you can do so easily with your angle grinder. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cut metal bolts with your angle grinder:

  1. Put on your safety gear. This includes gloves, goggles, and a face mask.
  2. Position the bolt so that it’s in line with the cutting disc on the angle grinder.
  3. Start the angle grinder and slowly bring it into contact with the bolt.
  4. Apply pressure to the bolt as you move the angle grinder around it in a circular motion.
  5. Once the bolt is cut through, turn off the angle grinder and remove any debris from the area.

With these simple steps, you can easily cut through metal bolts using your angle grinder!


Now it is time to wind up this article that is all about how to cut off a bolt with an angle grinder. I have described all the information regarding the angle grinder’s use and process. 

It is essential to wear protective gear to avoid any type of risk and injury while using an angle grinder. Once the cut is completed, you must quickly disconnect and switch off the grinder, then put it in a safe area.

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Can a hacksaw cut off a bolt? 

Yes, apart from the angle grinder you can also employ a hacksaw. A hacksaw blade can slice a range of materials, such as wood and plastic. It works incredibly well to slice the metal.

How can I cut a bolt without damaging the thread? 

You can place the nut properly on the upper edge of a chopping saw by fastening the nuts. It will minimize thread breakage. To keep the threads usable, don’t forget to utilize the scratchy wipe to remove any extra metal.

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