How To Cut A Futon Mattress In Half? (5 Easy Steps!)

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How To Cut A Futon Mattress In Half

Hello Friends did you even buy a new mattress and now it’s old And you want something to do with this mattress and you are searching on the Internet How To Cut A Futon Mattress In Half? today we will give you the satisfaction that you are thinking Are what to be done. See How To Return Mattress To Amazon.

So Some people ask what to do with old futon mattresses? Of course, a mattress is a precious and expensive product, But when we use it, it gets old with time and now you want it to be used for any other work.

Your thinking is accurate you should not waste it at all But there are many ways you can use it, which way you can use this after cutting a mattress in half now we tell you about them.

  1. After cutting up a mattress the first way you can use it is you can make it a sofa.
  2. On the other hand, you can make a separate bed for guests after cutting a mattress.
  3. You can make a small bed for children after cutting a foam mattress.
  4. Another way from which you can use it after cutting the foam mattress is you can use to take Sunglasses by place them in your garden.
  5. You can also use it for yoga or exercise.

So there were some ways you can use it but you must cut a mattress in half, now we tell you the ways for it. See What Does Casper Do With Returned Mattresses.

In Short, if you want to cut a futon mattress in half, you need accessories like scissors, a sharp knife, duct tape, a measuring box, a marker pen, and a rope. These Accessories help you in Cutting A Futon Mattress In Half.

Follow These Quick Steps:

  1. Make an initial cut in the mattress cover, then use the scissors to cut the full length or width of the cover down or across the center of the mattress.
  2. Using the cutter or scalpel, cut through the top comfort layers until you reach the springs.
  3. After This Mark Your Springs With The Help Of a Marker And Then Cut Your Springs with a cutter.

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Some Important Equipment To Cut A Futon Mattress In Half

First to do any work it must be equipped for it With which we will do our work we also need some equipment to cut the mattress we need to cut mattress in half.

Here is a list of Best tool to cut mattress that is necessary to cut a mattress:

  • A Single scissors
  • A sharp knife or box cutter
  • A Duct tape
  • A Measure Tape
  • A Marker Pen
  • A Staple gun
  • A new or old mattress cover
  • A Cloth or a Rope
  • A Pliers
  • Some Sewing equipment like needle/sewing machine, thread, pins, thimble

So it’s some necessary tools that you should have to cut to cut any mattress these devices will get you easily from the market using them we can reuse our mattress.

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Here Is The Step By Step Complete Procedure Of How To Cut A Futon Mattress In Half

Friends Futon Mattresses always come with an outside cover so that they can be saved from soil pollution and moisture and to protect them. Now first, we will need to remove it so that we can follow the next Procedure. See How To Move A King Size Tempurpedic Mattress.

Step 1:- Cut The Foam From Midpoint

Friends on the first number we mark it with the marker pen in the middle of the Foam with the help of Measure Tape.

We have to start cutting it from the middle line. Always try to cut the top-top layer first and Check it again while applying the mark So that later it should not be damaged Or you can verify your line by another person too.

Whenever you mark the mattress, do not put weight on the top nor keep anything or hands on it Doing this can be your line tread and your meter can also be damaged.

Step 2:- Cut The Springs

On the other hand, you now mark the sprints using a measuring tape and start cutting it using a dermal tool Take care of this thing while cutting it That your fingers don’t hurt anyway, And put the mattress on a straight floor. Start cutting it slowly from the place you marked And try not to cut your springs Tied.

Step 3:- Fold The Sharp Spring Edges

After cutting the springs now use pliers, turn sharp springs with the help of pliers, as well as remove their sharp edges so that whenever anyone sits on them, do not injure.

Similarly, you can use any other heavy metal to Fold up the sharp edges of springs. So For this support tie, every spring’s edge carefully using a piece of rope or cloth.

Step 4:- Cover or Close The End Edges

Now you have to use the spare cover to cover the new Edges with it if you want to buy the new Spare Cover for it you can buy but if you have a spare cover also and you don’t want to buy, you can also use it to cover new Edges with it. See How To Fix A Big Hole In An Air Mattress.

Step 5:- Put it in a good place

After fulfilling all the procedures, it turns out that it should be placed in a place where it will look beautiful and it is also used to use it now it’s not an old mattress, but now it’s absolutely new.

Now you can use these two mattresses that you may want to use and as well as at any place. When you placed your futon in a good place then you should Clean Your Futon Mattress. If you have placed your mattress and it is still sliding then you must need to know How To Keep Futon Mattress From Sliding?

How to cut mattress in half?

How to cut mattress in half? The best way to cut a mattress in half is to take it outside, line up both halves on top of each other, and give them one quick snip with the shears. The two halves will fall back apart like dominoes.

A second (less painless) way is to follow these steps: Unzip the bedding zipper; lay one side face down; fold the bottom quarter-inch over onto itself; lay the other side face down over that area; hold tightly for 10 seconds then repeat.

Next, flip both sides over (so that you’re looking at each long edge), take your hands, and start pulling in opposite directions until there’s nothing left but sheets. If you want to cut your futon mattress you also need to know What Size Is a Futon Mattress?

How to cut a mattress In Half?

How to cut up a mattress? Use a box cutter, long sharp knife, or utility knife to cut along the outermost perimeter. Be sure to go slowly and carefully–you will need about an hour to complete this process by yourself.

You could also use a video guide that provides step-by-step instructions for cutting down your mattress by up to 2″, depending on the depth of your current foam layers.

How to cut a memory foam mattress in half?

If you’re trying to cut a memory foam mattress in half, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, you don’t want the mattress apart from itself for too long.

Second of all, don’t try cutting it with an electric knife or anything like that – use an exercise mat if possible!

Finally, be patient and go slowly!

That way you’ll be able to avoid any costly mistakes that might cause problems down the road. And if your memory foam’s on sale–take advantage of it now because this deal won’t last forever!

1) Decide which side is up
2) Layout your exercise mat next to the edge where the mattress will be sliced so both edges are on

Can you cut a mattress in half?

Yes, you can cut a mattress in half. You’ll need a serrated knife and a steady hand, but it can be done. Just take your time and be careful not to cut yourself.

Once the mattress is cut in half, you can fold each half over on itself to create two new mattresses. This might not be the most efficient way to go about things, but it’s an option if you’re on a tight budget or if you only need a small mattress.

Pros And Cons Of Cutting A Mattress In Half

Here Are Some Pros And Cons Of Cutting A Foam Mattress:

  • With its help, an unhealthy thing can be useful.
  • After doing this your money doesn’t waste.
  • If you cut your new mattress, it will not look good at all.
  • Doing such a job with a new mattress is equal to distorting money exactly.


Is it possible to cut a mattress in half?

Yes, it is possible to cut a mattress in half by following only 5 steps.

What can I do with my old futon mattress?

You can cut it and convert it into two mattresses and you can use it as you wish.

How do you cut a foam mattress in half?

You Can Cut It Using scissors, knife and some other required equipment.

How can I make my mattress shorter?

You can cut your old mattress by cutting it into two parts and convert it into shorter.

Can you cut memory foam with scissors?

Yes, you can easily cut memory foam with scissors.

Can you cut memory foam with a hot knife?

Don’t Use a hot knife to cut memory foam.


Friends hope that you read this article carefully and you will be able to and understand that how to cut a futon mattress in Half and your problem solve will be found.

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