How Long Does A Mattress Take To Settle? (Quick Facts!)

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How Long Does A Mattress Take To Settle?

It will take approximately 30 days to settle on a new mattress. Also, it depends on the brands that you have purchased.

Are you having trouble getting used to your new mattress? That is not uncommon because everybody who purchases one feels discomfort in the initial days. With time, people used to sleep on a new mattress and get comfortable with it.

It will take almost 30 to 90 days to adjust to the new mattress. Besides, it’s sure that your new mattress will be entirely different from the older one. You must be comfortable with your old mattress, but since you have to replace it with a new one, you have to be patient with adjusting to the new mattress.

Can A New Mattress Be Troublesome?

Also, while buying the new mattress, you must be very excited as you must have covered it with a new bedsheet and pillow covers. Even more, you must have not even waited a single minute to lie down on the new mattress.

But what happens after you wake up from a deep sleep? Does your back hurt? It is a common issue that every new mattress owner encounters. You also have to bear with it. 

Tips For Adjusting To A New Mattress

This article also contains some tips to adjust to the new mattress. This will help you easily get comfortable with your new mattress.

If you haven’t ever thought of adjusting to the new mattress. Give it now because it is an important consideration and will help you get used to your new mattress.

Let your mattress breathe:

For instance, if you have got your new mattress, you must be excited to dress it up, but wait, it’s not the right time to dress it up because it needs some time to breathe. You need to let it breathe for a few hours.

This will allow oxygen to flow through the mattress, and you can enjoy a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Put on some pressure:

Are you excited to sleep on your mattress, but it’s too hard to sleep on? No worries, you can keep your excitement and sleep on. All you need to do is walk through the surfaces of the mattress and exert some pressure with your hands.

By doing so, you will lose some firmness in the mattress. You can sleep on the mattress once you feel it has softened.

Give your mattress some time:

Since you have bought a new mattress, you must be mentally prepared that it will require some time to adjust. Make sure that you sleep on your mattress for some time, so it loosens and stretches well.

Your new mattress is similar to that of the new pair of shoes you buy because the new shoe pair takes some time to adjust with your foot. 

Once you get comfortable with them, you don’t even want to wear other shoes. The same is the case with the new mattress, and once you are comfortable with it, you will not want to sleep somewhere else.

Instead of sitting on the couch, spend that time sitting on the mattress, making it easier for you to break in.

Turn the heat up:

If you own memory foam, you must remember that such foam tends to soften when they are hit, while the sake mattress tends to remain firm when cool. You can turn your bedroom temperature to 72 degrees, and you will eventually notice that your mattress starts turning soft. 

Buy a mattress topper:

If you have a tough time adjusting to your new mattress and want to make it softer, buy a mattress topper with a good thickness to ensure a peaceful sleep. The mattress topper gives a new and firm feel. 

What Do You Expect While Adjusting To A New Mattress?

According to American research, Americans change their mattresses every seven years. Moreover, it is a common fact that mattresses break over time, and they have a certain time warranty, after which they do not provide you with good support and cause back pain.

Furthermore, most people only change their mattress because they feel uncomfortable sleeping on the old mattress, which needs replacement.

What If Your New Mattress Causes Back Pain?

Many cases have been reported where people complain about their new mattress causing back pain. Back pain is surely something severe that needs your attention. This only happens when your mattress is new. Once you break-in, you will get rid of the back pain issue. 

Until you get comfortable with your new mattress, you must work on your sleeping posture. We will help you suggest some reliable sleeping postures that may help you get rid of back pain. 

Let us have a look at the different sleeping positions that may ease your back pain:

  • Sleep on your back with knee support. Sleeping on the back is considered the best position for a healthy back. This posture distributes your entire weight on your whole body so that the weight is not on one side of your body.
  • Keep a pillow between your knees while sleeping on your side. The pillow raises your upper leg and makes your hips, pelvis, and spine align.
  • Try to sleep in the fetal position. The advantage of this posture is that it does not bend your spine and helps to open your joints.
  • Put a pillow under your stomach and sleep on your front. When you sleep in your stomach, it may not align your spine accordingly. But if you keep the below under your stomach, it will help you align your spine to a great extent.
  • It is best to sleep facing down with your head on the floor. Usually, sleeping on the stomach is considered unhealthy. When you sleep in this posture, your head is twisted, twisting your spine, causing severe pain in the neck, back, and shoulders.


The point that you must take away from this article is that the adjusting time on a new mattress depends on the mattress you choose. There are several reasons associated with it. It may take 30 to 90 days to adjust to a new mattress. However, the article also contains some tips that you can follow to overcome the adjusting problem.

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