Does Medicare Pay for Mattresses? (With Examples!)

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Does Medicare Pay for Mattresses?

Does Medicare Pay For Mattresses?

Medicare has requirements that must get completed for the program to pay for your Mattress. Does Medicare pay for mattresses Yes, if a person qualifies, Medicare will pay for various durable medical devices, including an adjustable bed. 

Durable medical supplies are those that help patients go about their daily lives. Wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen apparatus, and other goods are examples of some of these items.

Also, Greater comfort and a reduced chance of future harm can result for those with specific conditions, like a fractured hip or paraplegia.

Does Medicare pay for mattresses: Conditions?

Mainly, to get insured by the health medicare policy, some types of bedding fit the criteria of insurance;

  • The three types of mattresses and bed-related accessories that Medicare covers get all referred to as pressure-reducing beds.
  • Depending on the particulars of your Medicare plan, not every style of bed or Mattress is covered. It also relies on the equipment your doctor recommends and the condition you are suffering from.
  • Medicare might also require you to rent or purchase the Mattress or bed you need.
  • Depending on their needs, certain Medicare subscribers may also have a choice. You must order your Mattress from a DME user registered with Medicare.
  • Before scheduling an appointment, ensure that Medicare covers everything by checking with your physician and any bedding or bed companies.
  • The significant factors to consider are Medicare enrollment and if it supports Medicare allocation.

What is Durable Medical Equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment or DME assists Medicare recipients in receiving treatment for critical health conditions.

 Insulin monitoring, ventilation systems, breathing devices, and breathalyzer tubes are frequently used goods that meet the criteria for durable medical equipment. Also, to address chronic medical diseases like diabetes and obesity, this equipment gets required.


If a doctor certifies that an adjustable bed gets required for medical reasons in a prescription, the patient may get eligible for one.

Also, according to the DME programme, a bed qualifies as a clinical indication if it relieves discomfort, promotes body alignment, enhances respiratory processes, or eases aches and pains. 

Furthermore, in order to justify the need for the bed medically, the doctor must outline the patient’s condition and diagnosis in the prescription.

Cost Coverage:

Up to 80% of your Mattress’s cost can get covered by Medicare. Also, your doctor must recommend a type of Mattress that is DME-eligible. If you want a bed that Medicare will cover, discuss it with your doctor.

You must pay 20% of the Healthcare Payment after meeting the Part B Deductibles, and Medicare provides varying levels of coverage for various types of DME. Also, Depending on the kind, you could need to buy the equipment or rent it. Also, A hospital bed gets covered by Medicare too.

Before receiving DME, verify that your physicians and DME providers get Medicare-enrolled.

Also, there is no cap on how much suppliers can charge you if they refuse to participate and accept an assignment. Hence, the doctor must outline the patient’s condition and diagnosis to justify the medical need for the bed.

Other Coverage Options:

Several state and federal programmes may cover this expense and the minimum or copay related to each bed. Also, the Veterans Affairs Department may cover the cost of adjustable beds for veterans with disabilities.

Veterans may get assisted in protecting the copay through additional Medicare coverage like Tricare.

About Medicare:

Medicare is a healthcare programme that covers the insurance of millions of Americans over the age of 65.

  • Part A of Medicare covers inpatient stays in a health and skilled care facility.
  • Part B covers some drugs, such as infusions or immunizations, doctor visits, diagnostic procedures, particularly adjustable beds, etc.
  • Dental, eye, and hearing treatment get covered by Medicare Part C, while commercial providers get also permitted to offer these services.
  • Prescription medications also get covered by Medicare Part D, the health insurance programme.

Famous Stress-Relieving Mattresses:

These mattresses’ costs might get covered by Medicare:

Joerns PrevaMatt Defender Pressure – relieving Mattress:

The Joerns PrevaMatt Defender Pressure – relieving Mattress gets designed to reduce pressure in areas of the body that experience high-stress levels. 

The Mattress keeps you cosy and protects you from bedsores while sleeping. Due to a unique compression disc structure beneath its surface, the bed also provides pain relief.

ThevoRelief Pressure Relief mattress:

One of the best options is a mattress called ThevoRelief Pressure Relief. Also, this Mattress has many special features and advantages and is high-quality and innovative. 

Giving your nerves moderate stimulation while people sleep may help ease the pain as its primary function. A unique compression disc structure beneath its surface also provides pain alleviation.

Therapeutic 5-Zone Comfort mattress:

The Therapeutic 5-Zone Comfort mattress provides different levels of support. Also, High-density foam and strong sidewalls on this mattress help prevent sliding out of sleep and provide comfort.

A friction-preventing top layer gets included, which might assist you in avoiding bedsores.

Solace Resolution Glissando Sturdy Mattress:

One of the best pressure-relieving mattresses is the Solace Resolution Glissando Sturdy Mattress. High-density foam and strong sidewalls on this mattress help prevent sliding from our bed and provide comfort.

Additionally, a friction-preventing top layer gets included, which might assist you in preventing contractures.


Does a hospital bed gets covered by Medicare?

A hospital bed gets covered by both Medicare Original and Medicare Advantage. Also, Conditions apply to both coverage and fees.

Medicare chooses to pay a person’s monthly rental charge for the bed for 13 months; at the end of such time, the person becomes the bed owner.

The significant factors to consider are the business’s Medicare enrollment status and if it supports Medicare allocation.


Lastly, the definition of DME medical supplies includes mattresses. Under the Medicare-provided mattress health insurance, bed-related equipment, particularly pressure-relief mattresses, is eligible.

Also, If you qualify for Medicare, you can get a new mattress for up to 80% off the list price. Read thoroughly and get information about does Medicare pay for mattresses or not.

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