Do Ashley Mattresses Have Fiberglass? (REVEALED!)

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Do Ashley Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Ashley mattresses contain fiberglass. Fiberglass is used in some mattresses as a fireproofing material, and Ashley mattresses are no exception. The fiberglass is typically contained within a fire barrier that is made up of other materials such as foam, fabric, and cotton batting.

However, they aren’t the best options either. Even though they are proven to cause serious health problems, mattress manufacturers like Ashley keep including them in their budget-friendly products.

Best Non Toxic Ashley Mattress You Should Buy:

Do Chime Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Chime mattresses do have fiberglass. The fiberglass is used in the base layer of the mattress to provide extra support and stability. The fiberglass helps to evenly disperse body weight and helps to reduce motion transfer between sleepers.

Is it true that all mattresses contain glass fibers?

Up to this point, it has been discovered that the inner layers of mattresses produced by Ashley and just a few created by Nectar and Ashley have been confirmed to contain fiberglass as a fire retardant.

You will just need a flashlight to recognize fiberglass if it is present in a mattress; this makes finding it extremely simple.

So the very Basic Question: What is Fiberglass?

Glass and reinforced plastic are the two components that are combined to create the composite material known as fiberglass. This fabric is often used in constructing mattresses, particularly memory foam mattresses and mattress coverings.

This material is noted for being very pliable yet sturdy, making it a simple material for producers.

Producing it in large quantities also comes exceptionally quickly and at a low cost. There are several applications for fiberglass, but the most common one is probably wall insulation because of its versatility.

Some Types of Fiberglass


AE glass is an essential kind of glass that can withstand the effects of alkali. 


A glass that is referred to as alkali glass is quite comparable to the window glass that most people are familiar with. It plays an essential role in a variety of manufacturing processes. 


Insulation of an electrical aspect can be done using this particular sort of fiberglass.

Because it is made of chemical glass, it has an incredible capacity to prevent chemical deterioration. Materials like silica, alumina, and boron, amongst others, are essential to its building. 


In the same manner as the type C glass, this has remarkable electrical insulating characteristics. 


This structural glass is well-known for its remarkable mechanical qualities.

Why Does Ashley Add Fiberglass To Their Mattress?

Ashley is a well-known brand for mattresses and other sleep supplies that cater to the general public. It’s a famous brand that’s known for making products using fiberglass.

If you go to Amazon and read a review on a Ashley mattress, you will see that this is a trendy subject on that website right now.

Ashley is an American firm that manufactures mattresses and is based in the United States. In addition, according to the legislation, the structure of every bed must have at least one component that is fire resistant.

Fiberglass is an excellent fire retardant and a cheaper alternative than most other possibilities, in addition to being one of the many other options.

Because of this, Ashley incorporates fiberglass into the construction of its mattresses; by doing so, the company can produce a layer of material that is resistant to fire without resorting to more costly chemical treatments.

Because of this, fiberglass is a critical component in every Ashley mattress. If your bed catches fire, these safeguards will melt and burn into the sock.

The sock will remain in place, protecting the mattress from the flames underneath.

Without some kind of fire retardant built into the structure, most mattresses, particularly foam ones that are so easily caught, would be a raging fire in a matter of seconds.

How to Spot a Mattress Made of Fiberglass by Ashley?

Underneath the cover of your Ashley mattress, you’ll discover fiberglass. They enclose the foam and prevent it from burning if it comes in contact with fire.

It is not advised to check for fiberglass if you purchase a mattress like Ashley that contains fiberglass. Discharging fiberglass into the air during this process might have catastrophic consequences.

However, the answer may be found below for anyone wondering where the fiberglass is in a Ashley mattress

The mattress is protected with a knitted cover. The fiberglass layer lies below. It sits immediately over the foam. We cannot explain enough how dangerous it would be to expose your Ashley fiberglass mattress by removing the cover.

If you’re worried that your Ashley mattress could contain fiberglass, here are some more methods to check:

  • You can find out how much fiberglass is in a mattress before you purchase it online.
  • The materials used to make your mattress should be listed on the tag. Whether fiberglass is included, you’ll find out if it is there.
  • Mattresses with “do not remove cover” warnings often have fiberglass.
  • Finding out whether a Ashley mattress has fiberglass construction may also be done by looking at the price. Cheap beds often include low-quality components, including glass fibers, which may break down over time. Premium mattresses almost rarely have this fire barrier.

You may also find out whether a Ashley mattress includes fiberglass by researching, which provides for reading articles like these.

If you still have questions after reviewing this information, contact the manufacturer.

An honest company like Ashley would straightforwardly use fiberglass in its mattresses. You should be able to tell whether a bed contains fiberglass or not.

How do I know if my mattress has fiberglass?

If your mattress contains fiberglass, it may be indicated on the label or in the product description. Additionally, you may be able to feel small fibers on the mattress surface. If you suspect your mattress contains fiberglass, it is best to contact the manufacturer for confirmation.

Where are Ashley mattresses made?

Ashley mattresses are made in the United States. Their mattresses are constructed with American-made components and assembled in their manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

FAQS about Ashley fiberglass

Did Ashley Stopped Use Fiberglass?

No, fiberglass is still present in nearly all Ashley mattresses. Fiberglass is theoretically non-carcinogenic, and it is widely accessible.

Do Ashley mattresses come without fiberglass?

Actually, there is fiberglass in every single Ashley bed.

How to Remove Fiberglass from a Ashley Mattress?

Do not attempt to do this on your own. The AC systems may transfer fiberglass around the home and into your airways. By doing this, the pollution will simply get worse. Only qualified experts should be called in for the such purpose.


Is It Alright To Buy Ashley? This leads us once again to Ashley. It’s a popular, affordable mattress that fits many individuals, as seen by its consistent placement towards the top of Amazon’s best-seller list.

I think it’s a reasonable choice if you just need it for a short period (like a guest bedroom) or if you’re on a tight budget.

To be totally frank with you, I don’t believe you’ll find a comparable mattress at this price range that doesn’t include fiberglass.

Purchasing it with the knowledge that it includes fiberglass and without opening the packaging should be OK. A mattress protector, which you should use anyhow, is highly recommended.

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