Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Nutribullet? (5 Easy Steps!)

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Changing how you grind coffee is necessary if you lack a coffee grinder.

Coffee beans can get ground in a Nutribullet processor, but the best grinding outcomes also rely on the type of equipment you have. Contrary to traditional blenders, which also have feeble motors, the NutriBullet has a strong engine. 

Also, if done correctly, coffee can get ground in a Nutribullet. So read the article Can you Grind Coffee beans in a Nutribullet to get guidance.

Steps On Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Nutribullet:

  • The crossing extraction blade or the grinding blade can get used to grinding coffee beans.
  • The coffee cup also should first get filled to the highest management or at least 3/4 full. Next, secure the grinding blade tip towards the motor with a screw. Also, start by firmly pressing down and holding it.
  • For a maximum duration of two minutes, operate the NutriBullet in seconds intervals. 
  • Blender pulses should get done three times for coarse ground. Also, run the blender five times for medium ground; grind the coffee for over two hours for additional power. Choosing an extra-fine grind requires processing the coffee for longer than two minutes.
  • Lastly, open the grinding blade and remove the pitcher to check the grind size.

Using Nutribullet Rx N17-1001:

  • You won’t need to stress about the output if you use Rx N17-1001. This item has a 1700 power engine built into it with a maximum capacity of one litre. 
  • Also, to check if the blades are damaged or not, you need regularly inspect them.

Significant aspects to remember:

Tips and Tricks to Follow:

  • To get an even grind, carefully pulse the device several times in the final stages. What you plan to do with the beans will determine the consistency.
  • Primarily, you need to link the chamber to the main unit after filling it with the necessary number of coffee beans.
  • Additionally, Before inserting the chamber into the machine, ensure it is dry and clean inside to achieve the best results.
  • Grinding by pressing down on the chamber and then stopping to examine the consistency of the grind is the best way.
  • Continue until the level of grind is satisfactory. These timeframes can change somewhat if you use a different blender, a different knife, or a varied quantity of beans.
  • Also, The original model comes equipped with a 600-watt motor, one tall cup, power base, extractor blade, and milling blade. Also, when your coffee is ready, empty the pitcher and store it in an airtight container.
  • An extractor blade, milling blade, power base, one tall cup, and a 600-watt motor are all included with the original model. Empty the pitcher after your coffee is ready, then keep it in an airtight container.
  • There is a max fill line to avoid overfilling it and decreasing mixing effectiveness. Also, the effectively complete line has been crossed by certain users numerous times without causing any issues. When combining raw ingredients, staying below the advised limit is advisable.
  • Although you can use the extraction blade for anything, it is for mixing. The milling blade gets used to grind dry ingredients like flour, nuts, etc., and it also generates coffee grounds.
  • Also, It is extremely simple to use, and its weight is 7.4 kilograms fewer than other food extraction methods available on the market. Also, pulse controls get utilized on the base models to adjust the speeds rather than variable speeds.

Types Of Grounds:

Good ground Coffee:

As for the good ground, Run the blender for one to two minutes in ten-second intervals after filling the pitcher 3/4 full. Also, remove the pitcher to ensure that the ground coffee maintains the same texture between increments.

Coarse ground coffee:

Use a NutriBullet to grind coarse coffee. Also, roasted coffee beans should only almost fill the pitcher. 

This approach provides ample room for the milling blades to ground the coffee. Hence, put the bean machine on the machine and stroke it three times to get the best coarse ground.

Medium grind Coffee:

Roasted coffee beans should get added to the pitcher until they are 3/4 full and then connected to the blender to achieve a medium grind. Blender pulse five times for the best medium-ground coffee got by the Nutribullet.


Can you grind coffee beans in a magic bullet?

Using your Magic Bullet, you can ground coffee beans. Plus, if your present coffee grinder breaks, you’re entirely inside your powers to use this reasonably priced grinding option, and a manual coarse grind with actual grind settings is preferable.

Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor?

Your coffee beans can get ground in a food processor or any other food processing tool with a blade. If you practise a little, you should be able to use it to obtain a consistent medium-fine grind. Give your beans a few minutes in the processor to work.


Summarizing on a note, a unique kind of blender called a NutriBullet is capable of grinding dry materials like coffee beans. Also, you may create various grind levels by adjusting the pulsing time. 

With only a few pulses, coarse coffee grounds are the most straightforward to manufacture, after medium and finer ground. So, follow the instructions on whether can you Grind Coffee beans in a Nutribullet if you don’t have a grinder.

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