Can You Grind Coffee Beans in a Ninja? (Solved & Explained!)

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can you grind coffee beans in a ninja

You’ll need to adjust a little and devise a clever solution if you lack a coffee grinder. Also, depending on how you prefer your coffee brewed, you’ll need to use various coffee grounds and process them differently.

In a Ninja blender, coffee beans can get grinded; it also depends on what type of ninja machine you have to get the best grinding results. 

Ice, almonds, spinach, and frozen vegetable pieces, among other ingredients, can all get blended in these blenders.

Also, most home coffee makers recommend grinding in a good bean grinder. However, a Ninja gets used as a desperate alternative if you lack a suitable grinder.

Can you grind coffee beans in a Ninja?

Every Ninja Blending machine will do, but it’s best when you use an individual serving cup because it will give you a better grind and more control over the outcome.

  • Also, if you’re using a single serving cup, don’t add more beans than around one cup at a time because doing so will result in different-sized granules because of the capacity of the cup.

How Can you grind coffee beans in a Ninja?

  1. Prepare your blender and get your chosen coffee.
  2. Following the type of Ninja, fill the container. Also, each cup of beans should be enough to fill a single-serve cup.
  3. Pulse eleven times for a single-serve cup or until the grind is as coarse or fine as you like.
  4. Hence, make your coffee now.

Information About Grinding Coffee Beans in a Ninja:

  • A little, single-serve cup is what you need to blend ground coffee in a Ninja blender. Also, To have greater control over your mix, the smaller the cup, the better. 
  • Stopping before the grinds become too coarse for your coffee machine is simpler.
  • Using an average pitcher instead of a single-serve cup, you utilize roughly one big cup of beans. Additionally, fewer beans added to the cup will produce a more homogeneous final blend.
  • You should run the blender at maximum speed for roughly 30 seconds, depending on how coarse you want your grinds.
  • Use the pulse blend approximately 12 times to achieve a beautiful, fine grind. Also, you should now have the perfect batch of coffee grinds to use immediately for your preferred brew.
  • Only use a Ninja blender if you have a particular attachment for grinding spices and coffee beans or as a last alternative.

Pros of Using a Ninja:

  • To grind your coffee beans, you do not need to use all your strength to carry equipment. Also, a blender has an advantage over a food processor due to its reduced weight.
  • Utilizing a ninja blending machine is always preferable to using those expensive, sophisticated appliances. Also, it is simple to use and simple to clean.
  • You may consistently make the best cup of coffee by using a blender, which works similarly to a coffee grinder in maintaining all the scents and flavours. 
  • Also, purchasing a single Ninja instead of a separate blending and grinding is more cost-effective. Additionally, the mechanics are simple enough; given how frequently it gets used, leaving it out is not a hassle.

Mistakes to Avoid:

There are several errors you must avert at all costs, some of which are listed below;

  • When grinding coffee beans, there are different stages. Also, you will experience various flavours and aromas on each level. Before you begin the process, establish what kind of grinding stage you require.
  • Longer roasting times result in beans that are glossy and black in appearance. They will also produce a bitter and sharp-tasting brew. 
  • Also, coffee gets wasted if it gets grounded more than is necessary. You must ascertain your typical usage for the reasons above. 
  • Plus, You might need to experiment in this manner numerous times until you find the right amount. You can avoid preparing a little too much coffee once you know the amount you’ll need.
  • Ensure that you begin with two teaspoons if you want the best coffee. After then, you can change the brews as you choose in the future. Also, if the water content is higher than the coffee content, and vice versa, the coffee-to-water ratio will get incorrect.


Can Ninja grind dry ingredients like coffee?

Ninja blenders are made for drinks and shake using gentle ingredients. Realistically, they can grind whatever you put into them.

The Ninja blender should only get used as a last resort to dry ground materials, just like coffee beans. 

Also, your dry components won’t get grounded thoroughly if you use a simple temporary blender that only generates 250 watts of electricity.

Which Ninja equipment is the best?

In terms of personal grinders, the Ninja Grand Prep is among the greatest ever made. Coffee beans, onions, and spices can all get grounded, chopped, or torn up using it. 

Also, Coffee bean crushing and chopping are possible with the Ninja Prep Coffee Grinding machine. Using this equipment, you can quickly ground a cup of coffee beans.

Can you grind coffee beans in a ninja food processor?

Yes, you can, and if you don’t like the grind, shorten the pulse and adjust it. This adjustment will provide you best results.

Can you grind coffee beans in a ninja bullet? 

Yes, With a Ninja Bullet, you can undoubtedly ground coffee. Additionally, the capacity grinder feature of the Ninja Bullet gets entirely suited to grind more than simply coffee beans.

Can you grind coffee beans in a ninja professional blender?

Any available Ninja blender gets used to ground coffee beans. Making a coffee bean blend is simple.


Summarizing on a note that Ninja blenders are powerful, well-built devices with various capabilities that help them perform tasks other than blending.

Also, a Ninja blender may serve as your everyday grinder for grinding coffee beans. Also, it can support this weight because it is sturdy and robust enough. 

Hence, To experience coffee’s full potential, you don’t need to use coffee that has been ground to an excellent consistency. So, if you have read the article thoroughly, you must have understood if can you grind coffee beans in a Ninja or not.

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