Can Hair Clog a Toilet? (The Answer May Surprise You!)

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Can Hair Clog a Toilet?

It is well-known that hair can get lodged in a toilet bowl and impede its operation, but what about those other bathroom mysteries?

Everything from which parts of the body are most likely to create clogged drains – as well as why it happens – has yet to be revealed.

Discover the answers to these perplexing queries in our comprehensive guide to plumbing issues and toilet troubles!

Can Hair Clog a Toilet?

In General Yes, hair can clog a toilet. Hair strands are often too wide to pass through the pipes and can become tangled, blocking the flow of water. In most cases, a plunger or a plumbing snake can be used to unclog the toilet. If this doesn’t work, it may be necessary to call a plumber to remove the clog. To prevent a clog, it is best to always put hair in the trash can after it has been cut or brushed.

Before tackling the issue of hair clogging a toilet, let’s address another prevalent question: can hair clog a toilet? The answer is an unequivocal “yes” – or at least, some strands of hair are capable of obstructing its functionality.

In addition to your regular shower, before hopping into the bathroom it’s important to brush up on what can and cannot block the toilet. With its hefty price tag, you won’t want any unexpected costs!

What Hair Can and Can’t Clog a Toilet?

Can Hair Clog a Toilet?

Regardless of how long your locks may be, chopping them off once a week or more frequently can render your bathroom quite tidy.

While this may necessitate rinsing out the sink after use – don’t fret! In addition to hair removal, it is also possible for toilet clogs to occur when other detritus accumulates within its confines. Here are some potential culprits:

Unexpected hair growth is an occasional nuisance, but if you have ever experienced such an occurrence on an epic scale, then this could prove trying.

Even though it’s common knowledge that staying consistent with one’s haircuts will reduce tangles and prevent matting; yet, even so much as clipping back those tresses can lead to additional knots as well as accumulation along the drain.

Ultimately leading to a clog! The best thing you can do in order from here is to keep up with a regular trimming schedule by visiting our trusted salons – they’ll ensure that you’re always looking impeccable!

How do you unclog a toilet with hair?

  • 1: Put on rubber gloves and safety glasses.
  • 2: Plunge the toilet several times to loosen the clog.
  • 3: Use a plumbing snake to break up the clog.
  • 4: Feed a wet-dry vacuum hose into the toilet and turn it on to suck out debris.
  • 5: Pour a mixture of hot water and dish detergent into the toilet bowl and wait for 10 minutes. 
  • 6: Flush the toilet to see if it’s unclogged. 
  • 7: If not, repeat steps 1-5 until the clog is gone.

If hair is the only problem, then there is no need for any additional measures; simply employ some toothpaste.

This can be utilized as an all-purpose remedy for a variety of issues, from cleaning jewelry and electronics to removing smoke odors from carpets or even dealing with dandruff.

For more stubborn clogs, you may want to invest in a plunger.

These specialized tools help clear out debris from plunging down below; however, be sure to perform regular checks to ensure that they’re not clogged up further.

How to Clean a Clogged Toilet?

Regular cleaning is crucial in keeping your bathroom fresh and inviting. However, sometimes even the most diligent scrubbing can’t undo the signs of neglect that accumulate over time – such as lint or hair build-up!

For this reason, it’s essential to employ some effective strategies for unclogging a blocked toilet; here are just a few suggestions:

Ease your way into the task by utilizing a plunger if needed. If it doesn’t yield results or you must repeatedly use it before success is realized, call in an expert plumber.

Investing in one could prove worthwhile in the long run – not only will it be less expensive but also provide peace of mind when traveling!

Can a Toothpaste Tube Clog a Toilet?

Some people are apprehensive about utilizing the toilet after ingesting certain foods or beverages – and some may even be fearful of using it at all!

Despite concerns associated with consuming certain items, it does not necessarily necessitate that any form of liquid would somehow transform into lumps in the bowl; this could happen if anything is lodged within its crevices.

To ensure things run smoothly, you should pour off any remnants of toothpaste remaining in the tube and toss it into the trash can so that no one accidentally uses it. Otherwise, you may risk causing clogs with subsequent flushes!

How to Fix a Clogged Bathtub Fixture?

With a little elbow grease, nothing can stop you from enjoying a warm soak after a hard day.

However, unforeseen circumstances may arise that could render bathing difficult; if this happens to you then don’t panic – there are simple remedies available.

First, let’s tackle the gremlin behind your problematic drain: hair. Since clogging is typically caused by an abundance of debris within its channel, simply use a plunger (or even a broomstick) and dislodge any obstructions before employing any other methods.

If none of those options produce results after several attempts have been made, consider seeking assistance from a specialist who can repair your plumbing system or install a new fixture.

What Else Can and Can’t Clog a Toilet?

But with those four elements of hair + water + urinal flush + toilet bowl, how could other items possibly be classified as potential cloggers for your convenience?

The answer lies in a little known but oft-encounter practice: human excrement can and will manifest itself under various circumstances, from nature’s call to a more serious medical condition.

For example, constipation could potentially result in an out-of-the-ordinary and unpleasant experience such as that described by one user who reported being afflicted with the condition while at camp: “I got caught in a thunderstorm while we were camping.

I ended up having to use the bathroom – however there was no electricity where we were staying so I had to go out into the dark. Once in the bathroom it became apparent what was happening and I tried to use some toilet paper but found none left.”

In fact, this issue has arisen multiple times in present-day discussions on Reddit and YouTube – users sharing their own experiences of missing the toilet when camping or enjoying outdoor sporting activities.

Can hair clog a sewer line?

If you’ve noticed that your drain is emitting a foul odor, don’t assume it’s because of hair.

The most likely culprit here is grease and fats; they can accumulate in pipes during regular kitchen usage, so it’s imperative that you keep an eye out for any leaks or clogs when preparing meals!

Crude oil and grease are not only capable of obstructing drains and causing severe flooding in basements, but also the sewers that connect to these manmade waterways – which could lead to waste entering streams and other bodies of water.

Unsavory odors emanating from sewage systems could indicate that microorganisms are proliferating within them; this could result in unsightly sights or even illness if sensitive individuals were exposed to them.

Is it okay to flush pubic hair down the toilet?

It is possible to dispose of pubic hair in the same manner as any other waste, with the caveat that it should be rinsed and destemmed first.

Once it has been reduced down to its most basic components (such acute embarrassment notwithstanding), this can then be flushed away – without so much as a care!

If you’ve lately eliminated from your nether regions and have no plans for disposal, don’t fret; there are numerous options available.


Q: What are some remedies for a clogged drain?

A: A plunger or broomstick can be used to dislodge any obstructions from the drain channel. For more serious clogs, it may be necessary to contact a specialist for plumbing repair or fixture installation.

Q: What else can and can’t clog a toilet?

A: Human excrement can and will clog a toilet, along with hair, water, urinal flush, and toilet bowl. Other items such as grease and fats can also accumulate in pipes and potentially clog the toilet.

Q: Can hair clog a sewer line?

A: Yes, hair can clog a sewer line. Grease and fats, however, are usually the more common culprits. If left unchecked, these substances can accumulate and lead to flooding in basements and sewage entering streams and other bodies of water.

Q: Is it okay to flush pubic hair down the toilet?

A: Yes, pubic hair can be flushed down the toilet, provided it is rinsed and destemmed first. Otherwise, there are other disposal options available.


Though hair may seem like an insignificant item, its presence can have a significant impact on your daily life.

From providing an aesthetic element to helping us escape from reality in the morning, hair has been a vital part of human existence since antiquity – making it all the more remarkable when it suddenly becomes an impediment!

That being said, I’ve encountered numerous situations where hair has clogged my toilet. In some instances, it was simply an unexpected guest that refused to leave; while in others, it was merely a stray lock that had fallen into the water closet.

Regardless of their origin, they nonetheless posed a challenge! To best resolve this dilemma, I employed a pair of tongs (or pliers if necessary) and proceeded to remove the obstruction without delay.

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