Amerisleep Americana Reviews (by Experts Using Years!)

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Amerisleep Americana Reviews

Amerisleep has various memory foam mattresses for its consumers, and all beds get constructed to the highest standards and use high-quality custom memory foam. Depending on your sleep preferences, these mattresses can also remain an excellent choice.

Mattresses from Amerisleep are designed specifically for back and stomach sleepers. These mattresses are also eco-friendly, heat-wicking, and have a firm base which aligns your spine. Thus, you can check Amerisleep Americana reviews and try the AS1 risk-free for 100 days.

Benefits of Amerisleep Americana Mattresses

Amerisleep Americana AS1 mattress gets designed for people who also sleep on their backs or stomachs and have back and spinal arthritis. Also, it is suitable for individuals who like the relaxing sensation of memory foam.

While conventional memory foam gets entirely made of petroleum, Bio-Pur gets created in part from sustainable plant-based oils. Other factors of using this mattress gets mentioned below;

  • Reducing reliance on non-renewable materials ensures that goods are better for the environment and you.
  • The top two layers of the Amerisleep natural memory foam mattress get made of foam-memory foam, which offers stability and support.
  • More air can circulate thanks to the Bio-Pur material layer, which is non-toxic and hypoallergenic for extended usage.
  • High-density polyfoam padding surrounds your hips on the AS1 mattress. Also, This function implies that you can do so on your stomach and back without discomfort.
  • Each Amerisleep memory foam mattress contains 4.0 pounds of memory foam. It is also a specially manufactured memory foam that offers excellent cooling, comfort, and stability.
  • Stay warned that this is not the same as Bio-Pur+ foam, a more expensive and sophisticated foam.
  • On every AS mattress, Amerisleep utilizes a custom-created fire sock. In the case of a fire, the fire sock will melt and effectively put out the flames.
  • Also, The fire sock is free of dangerous pollutants, according to GreenGuard certification, and won’t pollute the air in your home or the environment.
  • With their Refresh Cooling Cover, Amerisleep hopes to keep people cool at night by removing heat from their bodies.
  • Also, The firm claims that the fabric utilizes elements to support daily performance and vitality. It gets offered for all Amerisleep AS mattresses from the company’s collection.

Cons of Amerisleep Americana Mattresses:

Some of its negative aspects get mentioned below;

  • The AS1 mattress by Amerisleep features a robust and stiff feel and is entirely comprised of foam.
  • Due to its hard texture, the AS1 may not get support for side sleepers.
  • Also, it is inappropriate for people trying to spend just under $500 on a purchase or on a tight budget.

Amerisleep Americana Mattress Construction:

Natural materials:

Memory foam mattresses lack the bounce of latex foam, which can get produced entirely from organic materials. Also, high-quality and long-lasting natural latex is available.

Though only a few trustworthy brands also provide latex mattresses like this natural memory foam mattress, finding a good one like the above might get challenging.

Larger spring counts:

Your spine gets forced out of alignment by innerspring mattresses pushing up on you while you sleep. Additionally, because of the springs’ ability to transfer motion, one person’s movement may wake the other up if you sleep with a mate.

Also, larger spring counts and individual spring pockets get used in more comfortable models like this Amerisleep AS3 mattress.

Soft base:

As you sleep, this soft natural memory foam mattress gently compresses and cradles you. Your body gets kept in alignment, and also pressure spots are avoided. The responsiveness and overheating of older memory foam were issues of the past.


In contrast to all-foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses don’t transfer motion as well as innerspring mattresses. Some also include pillow tops or plush Euros for added comfort.

These Amerisleep Hybrid mattresses got created to emphasize the advantages of cushion and also innerspring mattresses.

Our Recommendations

  • The Amerisleep Americana AS3 mattress is firm. Also, This more comfortable type gets intended for back and belly sleepers with spinal or hip bursitis. The top design does a fantastic job of keeping a flat and sometimes even sleeping surface for a better feel and sleep pattern. Also, The top two layers offer stability and support to this mattress.
  • According to the consumers, The best Amerisleep natural memory foam mattress is of the highest caliber and durability. In contrast to conventional memory foam, this mattress’ big, open-cell format enables air to circulate freely through your body without blocking your throat or raising your body temperature.

Consumer Reviews:

  1. Our previous mattress, a Temper Implementing a set pillow top duvet that cost $4,200, was replaced with this one. After a few hours of expansion, the AS5 was prepared for us when it came time for bed. The AS5 also did not smell or gas and was equally as comfy as the bed we used in Seattle.
  1. Americana Mattress from Amerisleep has significantly improved his previously restless night’s sleep. If you are unsure about ordering online, call Amerisleep and speak to a representative. They are also accommodating and wonderful.
  1. Although it isn’t quite as soft as we had hoped, it is still preferable to what we had. We also kind of wish an A6 was available. I wouldn’t sink into the bed nearly as profoundly as anticipated, given my size—I’m almost six feet and 170 pounds.
  1. Simply put, Amerisleep’s AS5 bed is a miracle. You are supported and cradled in this bed. If you frequently sleep on your stomach, this mattress is not for you. Excellent bounce may get found in the Active Flex layer. This mattress also costs substantially more, but it is well worth it.


Lastly, A 20-year extended warranty gets included with the 10-inch tight-top, firm foam mattress that is the Amerisleep Americana. As a result, it is intended for those with back or spine problems who sleep on their backs or stomachs.

It is also comfortable for people who like the cozy feel of memory foam. Read Amerisleep Americana reviews to learn more about this mattress.

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