Who Takes Mattress Donations? (7 Ways for Mattress Donation)

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Who Takes Mattress Donations

Who takes mattress donations?

The best ways to donate a mattress are through Charity organizations, Churches, Recycling centers, and Furniture banks. Moreover, you can also approach City Administration or use social media for this purpose.

Donating a mattress is an easy way to help people in need and make extra room in your home. Three out of five US citizens have used a mattress for at least eight years, so donating to a place that provides gently used bedding and furniture can have lasting effects on many people’s lives.

Who takes mattress donations??

Many organizations accept mattress donations from individuals and families who want to do something good for their community.

If you have an old mattress lying around the house and don’t know what else to do with it, consider donating it instead of throwing it away or taking it to the dump yourself.

You might be surprised as to what reputable charities will accept a used mattress as a donation. Here are some options for you where you can take your unwanted old mattress to good use.

1. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army accepts donations of new or used mattresses of all sizes every day of the year at their local thrift stores. They also take in other items such as clothing, household goods, and furniture for reselling purposes.

If you have an old mattress that needs to be taken out of your home, but you don’t want to throw it away, consider donating it to the Salvation Army instead.

Salvation Army accepts all types of mattresses, including air beds and waterbeds. The organization will even pick up your donation if you don’t have enough money to drop it at one of its branches.

The best part about donating your old mattress is that all you need to do is call or visit the nearest Salvation Army store near you.

Once they receive your donation, they will pick up the item from your home or office free of charge so that they can refurbish and reuse them for other people who need help.

2. Furniture banks

Often called social service programs or social enterprises, these charities offer free furniture for families transitioning from homelessness or other difficult situations. They often accept gently used mattresses and other household items as well.

You might be able to find a local furniture bank online by searching for “furniture bank” and the name of your town or county in your state.

You can also contact community groups such as food pantries, homeless shelters, and local churches to find out if they accept donations.

3. Thrift stores

Thrift stores may accept used mattresses as part of their regular donations program or through a special drive at the end of each year (around the holiday season).

Contact local thrift stores to see if they accept used mattresses and what their donation requirements are — some may only take certain sizes or types of mattresses.

In contrast, others will accept any condition as long as it doesn’t have bed bugs or other pests inside it.

4. Contact Town or City Administration

People can contact their local town or city hall if they have a mattress they’d like to donate and don’t know any charity organization.

Many towns have programs that collect and donate used mattresses to those who need them.

If you live in a larger city, check with the public works department to see whether they have a program for collecting and recycling mattresses. This will allow you to ensure that your donation is properly used. Many municipalities provide this information online, too.

5. Churches and Religious Organizations

Mattress donation to Churches and religious organizations is an ideal method to support those in need. The church often uses the donated mattresses, and then they are taken care of and given to those who need them.

Many people donate their used mattresses because they know that they can be put to good use by others.

Many churches and religious organizations accept your used mattresses and box springs. These organizations can help you get rid of the old mattress so you no longer have to worry about it.

6. Local Recycling Centers

It is always a great idea to donate unwanted or unneeded items to local recycling centers.

Although many people are unknowing of this way, there are several other types of recycling centers. Some recycle things that people don’t want anymore, and others bring them back into use for other purposes.

7. Use of Social Media

Mattress donation on Social media or the internet is a great way to get rid of old mattresses and find needy people who will use them. Mattress donation on Social media or the internet also gives you an opportunity to search for a needy person who needs your help in getting rid of their old mattress.

The easiest way to donate your old mattress is through social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

It is easy to find a family who needs an old mattress by posting it on these sites because they have millions of users. So if you want to donate your old mattress, you should first create an account on these sites and then post your message there.

Sometimes when you don’t know anyone who needs help, you can use such websites to find someone who needs your help in getting rid of their old mattress so that they can sleep comfortably without any problems related to back pain or other health problems caused due to poor sleeping conditions.

Is Mattress Recycling Free?

Various companies offer mattress recycling services. Depending on their service fee policy, they will recycle your old mattresses for free or for a small fee.

Some companies would charge you for recycling your old mattress, while others would do it for free as long as you provide them with your old mattress, which is in good condition and clean from all kinds of stains, liquids, etc.

Conclusion: Who Takes Mattress Donations?

In the end, donating your mattress to a charity or shelter might be the right thing to do, but it could be very beneficial to your community. Don’t get stuck with throwing your old mattress into a dumpster. Instead, asking Who takes mattress donations? donate that mattress and get some new life out of it.

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