When Is It Too Late to Drink Coffee? (ANSWERED!)

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When Is It Too Late to Drink Coffee

When Is It Too Late to Drink Coffee?

CNBC advises that it is not preferable to take coffee after 3 o’clock. Everything will be based on your daily routine. Coffee must not be taken before six hours of going to bed. It is because it could interfere with your bed routine if it is taken too late in the day or nighttime.

When Is It Too Late to Drink Coffee

Coffee is among the most preferred drinks worldwide. Many people only take one mug of coffee in the morning. But certain people like to keep a mug of espresso at their table all day and go to the espresso machine to fill it.

But if you consume it too late in the nighttime, the amount of caffeine can prevent you from falling asleep. So, when is it too late to drink coffee? If you are searching for this, you have landed at the right place. 

In this blog post, I am going to suggest to you the best times for coffee to drink. Let’s start talking about it!

When is it too Late to Drink Coffee?

How late is too late for coffee? You must have to know how long caffeine remains in the body to respond to this query.

According to specialists, caffeine’s maximum circulation level to occur is 30 to 50 minutes after intake. It is half time between three and five hours. It is the amount of time required to remove halves of caffeine consumption.

Although you will have some caffeine in your body, it is decreasing over time. According to these figures, health professionals recommend avoiding coffee at least six hours before going to bed.

Can you Drink Coffee after 5 pm?

Many people advise drinking coffee after midnight or early after 2 pm. It can be frustrating for those who enjoy the beverage. That is unfair! 

You can comfortably consume a mug of your preferred coffee beverage six hours before bedtime. It is because it takes your body around six hours to completely clear the majority of the caffeine from your blood.

If you take into account the coffee’s cut-off time of 2 pm, your body system will be caffeine-free by 8 pm.

How many people go to sleep around 8 o’clock? That is ridiculous! Your bedtime will be influenced if you come home from work at 5 p.m. and have coffee. But if you intend to get to bed at around 11 p.m., you would be fine.  

If you typically go to bed after 12:30, nothing prevents you from enjoying a great cup of espresso at around six o’clock.

Additionally, persons who typically take four or more cups of espresso per day will have a greater threshold for caffeine. 

If you take coffee at 5 o’clock, a person who rarely drinks coffee can have a lot of trouble falling asleep.

Whereas someone who regularly drinks coffee at that time will rarely find any effects. In this way, you can take coffee at this time without any risk or negative impact on your health.

Can you Drink Decaffeinated Coffee in the Evening? 

According to the experts, you shouldn’t have to think about missing sleep if you drink a mug of decaf coffee in the evening.

This is because 97 to 99 percent of the caffeine can be eliminated during the decaffeinating procedure. This will also make the coffee caffeine-free and will not affect your health. 

You should keep in mind that every brand of the decaffeinated espresso is made uniquely. That’s why it is essential to check the components carefully before drinking. 

Some caffeine-free coffee varieties can contain more caffeine than others. So, if you are caffeine allergic, it can cause sleep disturbances. To avoid any sort of problems, you must check out the type and content of the coffee before drinking it.

How long does Caffeine stay in your Body? 

The effects of caffeine last for four to six hours after consuming caffeinated drinks. It is the estimated time that you are addicted to caffeine or taking it for the first time.

Also, caffeine will stay in your blood for the same period whether you consume a significant amount of it or very little of it.

So, due to this, consuming one tiny mug of coffee can let you awake for the same amount of time as taking a huge cup of coffee.

What disturbs your sleep is how long the caffeine remains in your body. How much caffeine you drink does not affect your sleep.

How much caffeine can disturb your sleep? 

How responsive you are to caffeine will have a significant impact on how much caffeine will trouble you to sleep. 

Caffeine between 100 and 200 mg will keep the regular coffee consumer alert. On the other hand, 40 mg will do the same for a more sensitive person.

Your body system will preserve half of each milligram of caffeine you take. For example, your body would maintain 50 mg of caffeine for every 100 mg consumed. 


Many people ask, when is it too late to drink coffee? So, in this blog post, I have described what is the best time to take and avoid coffee. It is essential to know to avoid any type of sleep disturbance at night. 

You can enjoy drinking coffee, but you also enjoy having a restful night of sleep. Taking coffee in the morning can be a fantastic method for increasing power.

But doing so too late in the nighttime can result in an extra boost when you don’t require it.

So, let me know how your experience was. 


What should you do if you drink too much caffeine? 

Coffee tastes so delicious, so caffeine can be easily consumed in excess. To prevent the drying effects of coffee, you must ensure to consume enough water. Additionally, it will aid in controlling your nerves to prevent caffeine tremors.

Can you take sleeping pills after drinking coffee at night? 

The cumulative impact of sleeping pills makes it risky to take a sleeping tablet after having coffee at night. Experts claim that this can be a poisonous mixture that causes greater harm than benefit.

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