What to Put on Either Side of Large Painting? [ANSWERED]

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What to Put on Either Side of Large Painting?

You can place a portrait on either end of a huge artwork or painting. It is essential to pick the appropriate size for the room when displaying a huge painting. If the space is available and the painting is not too huge, you can place it on the opposite side.

What to Put on Either Side of Large Painting?

Do you have a large painting on the wall of your office or bedroom and you want to furnish it more? It can be difficult to decide what to put on either side of a huge painting. It is because you would like the room to feel well-balanced without detracting from the main picture.

Well, what you can put on either side of the large painting depends upon the space available on the wall. If you have enough space, you must put a modest piece of art on the other side of the wall painting.

Below I am going to provide more information about it. So, for amazing ideas, keep reading this blog post!

What can you put on either side of the Large Painting? 

You can hang smaller paintings, framed photographs, hanging statues, or light fixtures on either side of a huge wall painting. Also, a medium-sized picture can be placed evenly between two windows. In this way, they will form a border around it.

Below are some of the best options for beautifying walls.

  • Hang your painting on the largest wall 

You must begin this by displaying your picture on the biggest wall’s front space. You will have to ensure that there is a minimum of 1 to 2 feet (0.3 to 0.61 meters) of room space available on each side. This will give you a lot of flexibility when choosing your decoration.

Also, you will have to remember that heavy objects must be placed between the screws that maintain your ceiling. So, you must keep this in your mind when considering designs for the walls.

  • Create a Gallery Wall

You can make a gallery or feature wall on either side of a large picture. It is among the most common decoration ideas for areas that are surrounding the painting. 

So, let’s discuss how to furnish a wall to match a center painting; 

  • You must find items with colors or motifs that complement your huge photo. 
  • You must choose items that effectively occupy the space without drawing attention. 
  • It is essential to separate each item by 2 to 3 inches. This prevents your feature wall from appearing extremely messy or packed.

How to be Creative with your painting Wall?

Your gallery wall doesn’t require to contain only paintings. This is your choice to be innovative and add decorations that reflect your personality and taste.

  • You can consider adding picture frames to your display. This is a fantastic method to customize the design of your wall and make it unique. 
  • You must make an effort to match your beautiful painting with the borders. 
  • You can consider utilizing a variety of old picture frames if the item is more colorful.
  • Installing little racks to display sculptures or objects is another fantastic way to boost up your gallery wall. This adds a three-dimensional flash of attention to the overall display.
  • Also, you can consider hanging a few of your favorite handcrafts if you love crafting. 
  • You can put the wall-mounted lamps on either end of your picture for a classy finishing touch. These lighting fixtures will highlight the item and provide more charm to the wall or area.

The decoration around the Large Painting

Now let’s talk about the furnishing of large paintings’ surrounding area. 

You can put the painting around the wall to decorate it. The painting should ideally be placed in the middle of the longest wall. You will have to make sure it is placed in the correct position to catch the viewer’s attention.

Next, you will decide how you will arrange the room’s furnishing based on the picture location. The big painting or picture will look more appropriate above the sitting or sofa. You should avoid placing it above the TV. 

  • You must place your frames in a way that enhances and supports the picture.
  • Then, you should make an effort to extend the artwork’s colors across the rest of the space. 
  • You must choose decor items like pillows, drapes, mats, and lighting fixtures with color combinations that match your paintings. This creates the impression that the picture and the area are naturally arranged.
  • You also must add your artwork and creativity to the space. 


Finding the ideal picture is challenging. So, it is crucial to carefully consider how to arrange the painting around it when you find one. Thus, this article is completely about what to put on either side of large painting. 

You can start creating the space according to your desires. After reading this guide, you will come to know what to place on either side of large artwork. When you accurately put the picture and frames around it, you will love your wall and painting.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article! 


How do you make a painting look good on a wall? 

You must prefer a huge artwork on a wall if you have one. On a huge wall, a small picture will appear weird and blank. To make the ultimate presentation, you must arrange your decorating items at periodic intervals.

How do you decorate a large room with multiple paintings? 

If there will be a large item on the wall, it will pull the attention of the viewers. To give a little flexibility, you could also display several pictures side by side or in an accurate pattern.

Which side should you hang your artwork on the wall? 

You must have to place the artwork or pictures on the right side of the primary display. You can use a level tool to confirm that your artwork is hanging properly.

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