What to Put in Closet Vs Dresser? [ANSWERED]

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What to put in Closet vs Dresser? 

In every house, there might be two storage alternatives such as a closet and a dresser. What you can put in the closet are all the clothes and other items that require more space. On the other hand, the dresser is the best place to store all your foldable clothes and small stuff.

What to put in Closet vs Dresser? 

There are two significant storage areas in a house such as a closet and a dresser. The closet will always come first because it provides ample storage for a variety of stuff. A dresser in the bedroom would be the second choice for stuff that cannot be stored in a closet. 

If so, the question of how to divide the items will occur. So, this will confuse you about what to put in a closet vs dresser. Detachable clothing, jewelry, decorations, and other small objects will go in the dresser. Things that need to hang as jackets and coats will go in the closet.

Now come up with me and know more about it! 

What can I put on the Dresser? 

  • Foldable Items 

It is essential to know how to manage items in closets and drawers while arranging your stuff. This will allow you to find out your stuff and clothes easily. 

You must place the most wrap-able and movable objects in the dresser. A dresser’s small drawers make it simple to store goods that you can fold inside. This makes it the perfect place to put objects that won’t get damaged when they are wrapped. 

What can I put in the closet? 

On the other side, anything that will be hung, like a suit, needs to be put in the closet. T-shirts, pajamas, and undergarments are some kinds of goods that can be folded to place in the closet.

High-Volume Clothing 

Where should you put your more expensive apparel like suits, gowns, and button-ups? You should put these things in the closet! The objective of hanging the things in the closet on a hook is to prevent creasing or damage.

Your favorite suit getting wrinkled in a dresser drawer will be the most annoying thing that happens to you. Also, it won’t smell pleasant or appear well.

So, your nicest and most expensive clothing should be stored in the closet since it gives them breathing room and keeps their natural appearance.

Put Larger Items 

Larger goods should go in the closet. This prevents you from stuffing bulkier items inside the drawer of the dresser. This is because it will lose its structural stability. So, it is usually preferable to store things in the closet so that they maintain their appearance and quality. 

You must think carefully about how the objects should be stored in the closet. If the item is overly large, you will waste the storage area in the dresser. Thus, a dresser is made to take up less room.

Frequency of Usage 

How frequently are you intending to use your accessories and goods? Both the drawer and the closet can hold a large number of goods.

Let’s have an example of an expensive t-shirt. If a t-shirt is costly and reserved for gatherings, you must place it in the closet. So, you can keep it in a good position for a long time. 

On the other side, the dresser can be filled with casual T-shirts and clothes. So, you can quickly pick them up before sleeping at night or going anywhere.

What to put in each Dresser Drawer? 

It is entirely up to you what you store on each side of a dresser. It is because they have three or more rows and can have up to ten slots. Dressers come in a variety of styles, from closet dressers to drawers for families.

Additionally, the dresser is available in a variety of colors, including white, black, and wood. So that you will have a broad range of dresser choices.

Typically, everyone has a variety of clothes on hand. They range from shirts to jackets, jeans to pants, and everything in between. In this way, every item of garments needs to be assigned to different storage.

How much does a Dresser Cost? 

Dressers are available in a variety of shapes, layouts, and pricing ranges. Even the surface of the dresser can be furnished with lighting and magazines to give your bedroom a trendy appearance.

Thus, a dresser can cost between $200 and $500. Also, there are less expensive options that will perfectly fit your budget as well as your bedroom.

There are several choices present in the market, so you can pick the one that attracts you the best.


As you know there are two storage options in every household: a dresser and a closet. But they can confuse you while putting your stuff. So, in this article, you will find out all about what to put in a closet vs a dresser.

Having this article, you can get to know how you can arrange your stuff in a good way. You can easily find your clothes and other stuff if you will put them accurately and properly in the dressers and closets. 

If anything is missing, let me know in the comment section!


What is better: a dresser or a closet? 

You must pick a good dresser instead of a cupboard/closet if you do not have ample space. While a dresser can be used for jackets and coats, also it is ideal for accessories and lightweight clothing.

Should I put my dresser in my closet? 

Yes, if you need to free up the space, you can place the dresser in your closet. Many people do this to reduce the valuable space in the bedroom that is occupied by the dresser.

What clothes should be stored in a dresser? 

You can keep anything in your drawer, including sweatpants and jeans. But storing your daily clothes and accessories can allow you to enhance the most of its space. Also, for various clothing, dresser cabinets can be divided.

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