What Mattress Do Premier Inn Use? (Explained)

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What Mattress Do Premier Inn Use

What Mattress Does Premier Inn Use?

Premier Inn use Hypnos bed mattresses in their hotel. The Hypnos was developed by the British company, the world’s biggest mattress manufacturer, since 1940.

A lot of people stay at the Premier Hotel every day. I have used them a lot, and I go there often because I like the relaxing moments spent there because of their mattress. They are very comfortable, and even a little bit of comfort eliminates a lot of fatigue.

We’ve done a detailed analysis of what mattress premier inn uses? So here is the information we have.

What Mattress Does Premier Inn Use?

Premier Inn use Hypnos bed mattresses in their hotel. The Hypnos was developed by the British company, the world’s biggest mattress manufacturer, since 1940.

Hypnos Mattress Best Alternative:

Why does premier inn use the HYPNOS mattress?

Premier Inn’s mattresses have over 1000 pocket springs, which help support your back and spine. We use HYPNOS beds so you can sleep soundly.

High End Material

The HYPNOS beds are made from a combination of natural materials, including wool, cotton, and latex foam. This means they’re soft but also firm enough to offer support.

Brilliantly Wrapped

As the health of their guests is the first priority of Premier Inn Hotels, they always keep an eye on this issue.

The HYPNOS mattress is wrapped in hypoallergenic fabric and has a waterproof cover, which means that people can place it on top of a divan bed without extra protection. However, if anyone is placing the HYPNOS mattress on top of a divan bed that has not been tested to EN16001 standard, it is recommended to use a fitted sheet to protect their mattress.

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Different Hypnos Mattress Sizes 

The Premier Inn Hypnos mattress is available in four different sizes:

Single bed90 x 190 cm
Double bed135 x 190 cm
King size150 x 200 cm
Super-king size180 x 200 cm

Features that Premier Inn Considers in Hypnos Mattress

1. Soft and Luxurious

Premier Inn uses soft layers of luxurious fillings mattress. The mattress is made from a mix of fibers, natural latex, and polyester, which are layered to give you the perfect support and comfort.

The mattress is filled with soft layers of luxurious fillings, which help maintain your body temperature throughout the night. This helps you to sleep better and feel refreshed the next day. The mattress also features a breathable design that allows air to circulate through your body, keeping you cool during the night.

This means that when you sleep at Premier Inn, you can expect a comfortable night’s sleep with a soft, bouncy feel. The mattress also offers plenty of support for your back and joints so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of exploring London.

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2. Mattress Height

One of the main preferences of Premier Inn for Mattress is the height of the mattress. The thickness of the mattress should be as per their requirement and should provide the best comfort to their customers.

The height of a mattress is measured from its most low point to its most elevated point. In general, most people prefer a medium-firm mattress that provides good support for your body but still allows you to sink into it a little bit and feel comfortable.

3. Comfort and Material

Premier Inn uses comfortable mattresses in their rooms. The top makes them of the largest mattress manufacturers in the world. The mattress is created from high standard materials, including:

Latex foam is a very soft material with a springy feel when you lie on it. It’s often used in memory foam mattresses to give them extra bounce and support.

Memory foam – this is made from polyurethane (PU) and is designed to mold itself to your body shape for maximum comfort and support.

Cotton fillings are added to the mattress to provide extra softness and comfort.

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4. Premier Inn Uses Pocket Sprung Mattresses.

The mattress comprises pocket springs, individually wrapped in fabric and then placed into a casing. This type of construction gives you extra support, comfort, and durability.

A pocket spring mattress consists of many individual springs sewn into pockets on the sides or corners of the mattress. Each spring has a separate section within the mattress that allows it to move independently of its neighboring springs. This allows for greater comfort and support than a traditional coil spring mattress.

5. Mattress Topper

Hypnos Mattress comes with a wool topper. It is made of 100% pure Australian wool and has an adequate thickness. The topper is soft and malleable, making it comfortable for your body to rest on it. The wool is also hypoallergenic and repellent to dust mites and other harmful tiny bodies. This Hypnos mattress is a flawless option for people with allergies or sensitive skin. The wool is also breathable and helps keep your body cool during hot nights of sleep.

 Do Hypnos Mattress Offer Warranty?

 The Hypnos Mattress brings an exceptional 10-year FULL guarantee. If your mattress or divan needs to be replaced in the first 10 years, you will receive a brand new mattress free of charge or repair it. 

You will be happy with your purchase, and as long as you look after your mattress, it will last for years and years. The Hypnos mattress is designed to conform to your body shape, unlike traditional spring mattresses, which lose their support over time due to metal springs sagging or breaking down.

How to buy a Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress?

You can buy these mattresses directly from the manufacturer at www.premierinn.com, and it comes with free delivery right to your door within 7 – 10 working days. Here, you can buy it at a discounted price if you book online and grab one of their special offers.


Hopefully, we’ve been able to shed some light on the nature of Premier Inn’s bed and mattress choices and provide useful guidance towards making the right decision for you. And now that you understand a bit more about Hypnos mattress and its benefits, you’ll have ample knowledge to make a more informed choice. 

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