What is a 1.5 Bedroom Apartment? [ANSWERED]

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What is a 1.5 Bedroom Apartment?

A 1.5 bedroom signifies a home with one large bedroom and one additional as well as a more compact bedroom. The tiny room can be isolated or joined to the larger one in a loft or other setting. The idea that the bedroom is known as a half room is a result of its name.

What is a 1.5 Bedroom Apartment?

Are you thinking that you will get a half bedroom after hearing about a 1.5-bedroom apartment? No, it’s not like that!

A 1.5-bedroom apartment or house does not indicate you have only half a room. It is crucial to dig deeper and know what this term genuinely signifies because it is a common appearance.

So, what is a 1.5-bedroom apartment if it isn’t half a room? A 1.5 bedroom represents a home with one large bedroom and one small but compact room.

The smaller room may be standalone or joined to the larger one in a gable.

Well, there are different types of bedrooms available in a 1.5-bedroom apartment. To get the accurate apartment details, you must read the instructions given below; 

What is a Half-Bedroom? 

Any statement of .5 or half a room indicates that it is not a full bedroom for several reasons.

When something is described as “half” in marketing, it can indicate a few different things. But when it comes to bedrooms, it doesn’t signify that it is half.

Typically, 1.5 bedrooms refer to a bedroom and some sort of lounge. Sometimes the extra .5 square feet will be a spare bedroom, but it won’t count as a bedroom.

This is so because many legal systems prescribe that a bed must have particular elements.

The elements can be a door that is big enough and a specific floor area. To be considered a bedroom, a room requires to include a few specified characteristics. 

Two entrances must be provided, one of which must open to the outside by a door. There must be a window and at least 70 to 100 feet of floor area.

Other criteria must be fulfilled for a room to qualify as a bedroom. These will include requirements for illumination and plug sockets as well as specific heating capabilities. Also, the room must have a direct heat source.

If a space does not comply with the standards, it cannot be called a bedroom or apartment. 

What is a 1.5-bed Apartment? 

Several items can be considered as a 1.5 apartment. It can be a single room with one large bedroom and a second, tiny room. There are significant designs that could include a rooftop or basement. 

It includes spaces you will think of as a workspace. The extra room will be known as a half room of some sort. It is because it does not properly meet the standards.

Even a 1.5-bathroom flat can be referred to as a 1.5 flat. It includes one shared bath and a second, smaller bathroom with just a toilet. You would get at least 2 rooms when there are 1.5 bathrooms.  

Is a 1.5-bedroom apartment Big enough for a Couple? 

For a couple, a 1.5 bedroom is suitable and sufficient. The whole apartment includes a bedroom plus an extra room. You can use this room as a workspace or for privacy to get the minimal amount of convenience for a couple. 

Although rooms vary in size, the main bedroom may be large and sufficient for a king-size bed. So, you must check the apartment while going to select one. 

Is a 1.5-bedroom apartment Big enough for a Family? 

A family with children will find a 1.5 bedroom to be much too tiny. You would need to share one room even if you only had one baby.

You will use the other half of the bedroom for something else, or put the child in the half bedroom.

Once the youngster reaches his or her teenage years, a 1.5-bedroom apartment will begin to feel extremely small.

It would be tough to have much area in a 1.5-bed apartment after you have more than one baby. In this case, the setup will also not help to accommodate space. 

The half room will be almost the same size as a regular room. But it couldn’t truly sustain two children through infants.

According to the general rule, having a child will make your flat or apartment feel 30% smaller. In this way, it will quickly result in a reduction of the area if you only have 1.5 rooms.


This article has covered all the pointers about “what is a 1.5-bedroom apartment”. If you are not aware of the 1.5-bedroom apartment then you must go through this article and get enough information about it. 

A small apartment would be somewhere between the average of the lower limit. It can be approximately 250 square feet or around 850 square feet. It is fine to presume that a small apartment is 550 square feet or less in size. On the other hand, a 1.5-bedroom apartment contains 900 square feet. 

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What are the benefits of a one-bedroom apartment? 

You will get the specialized room of both a bedroom and a sitting area in a one-bedroom apartment. Due to the presence of doors that can be closed between bedrooms, they provide more protection and privacy overall.

What is the average size of an apartment? 

The normal flat size varied by area and location. It normally ranges from 974 square feet to 843 square feet. Any space larger than 890 square feet is considered to be enough for a family. Also, this is enough if you are hosting guests.

What is a studio apartment? 

A studio flat aims for a sleeker design than an apartment with rooms. A studio apartment is essentially a self-contained property. It keeps everyone and everything in the small room area excluding the toilet.

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