How to Turn Mattress Into Daybed? (by Experts!)

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One can easily convert a mattress into a daybed by either framing it or putting it against the wall’s corner and ensuring pillows to make it look like a daybed.

People evolve over time and hence their lifestyle. If you own a small apartment, you might have a single bedroom and want to add one more bed to sleep there.

However, you can surely do so by turning your mattress into the best daybed. The daybed can be the spot for your friends and family to enjoy laughter and good moments.

 However, it can also serve as additional sleeping space if you are short on the bed. Also, the bed can serve as the best decor item for your living room. It is not just that you can spend your leisure time on the bed, but you can also work on it. 

Sometimes it also happens that you may get bored of your old traditional mattress and want to try something new with it. Turning your mattress into an incredible daybed can be the best option.

It is because the mattress cannot only come in use, but you can decorate it the way you want and try on your DIY skills. The mattress can also be a great source of welcome for your guests.

How To Turn Mattress Into Daybed?

There is a clear difference between a sofa and a daybed. The sofa is meant for relaxation and sitting purposes. However, you can use a daybed for sleeping and relaxing.

A daybed consists of a frame on three sides, including two arms and one back. The daybed sofa is a multifunctional bed that not only lets you sit and sleep but also helps you store a number of your extra items. Furthermore, a daybed serves as a space-filler for an empty, unused room. 

You can turn your mattress into a daybed too. However, if you are a DIY person, you can form a daybed into various styles, materials, configurations, and price points at your convenience. 

However, it sometimes becomes quite challenging to transform an old bed into something unique. Furthermore, there could be many reasons that you would need to convert your extra mattress into a daybed.

The Reasons Why You Should Convert A Mattress Into A Day Bed

Here’s why you should convert your mattress to a daybed:

  • When you feel your bedroom space is short, you can arrange a daybed in your living room that can easily accommodate your guests
  • When you have an extra room, and you don’t know what to do with it, you can decorate it with a daybed. It will serve you more than a daybed because you can ideally sit and relax on it. Besides, it can be the best storage drawer for your extra things. 
  • When you have an extra mattress, and you don’t know what to do with it
  • When you feel that you have to welcome many guests and you don’t have much space, so turning a mattress into a daybed can be the best option

Transforming A Mattress Into A Daybed

To transform your old mattress into a daybed, you need to follow the steps below:

Evaluate your bed

Every bed cannot be a perfect daybed. Moreover, your daybed can function like the couch or sofa and ensure back support when your feet are on the floor. Moreover, if your bed is larger, you must get creative. A larger bed will have much space, and you will need to cover it with pillows to fill up the extra space.

Stabilize your bed

It is essential to stabilize your bed if it has a caster. You will have to put cups under the wheels of your bed so that if anyone sits on the daybed, it doesn’t roll around.

Decorate your daybed

There are different types of daybed frames available that you can use for your bed to enhance its overall look. Moreover, these frames are available in multiple designs, from contemporary to mission to victorian. Once your daybed is framed, it looks similar to the furniture. 

Also, you can add some support to keep the pillow to make it look more attractive. However, you can choose the design as per the frame style you have chosen. It is up to you what you decide to do with your daybed.

However, there are special daybed slipcovers available that you can use to cover your daybed. 

However, if you want an inexpensive option, you can place your daybed on the corner; this way, it will have support from two sides, and you only need to throw some pillows to give it a complete look.

Moreover, if your bedspread is of standard size, a corner place can be a plus point where you have kept your daybed. You can’t see what lies beneath the bed.

Also, you can select a theme and choose the bedsheet accordingly with great contrast of cushion covers. Moreover, bed sheets with lines would work great if you use the daybed in your living room. 

Choose The Type Of Arrangement For Your Bed

Now you need to decide first where you will keep your daybed. If you are keeping it in your bedroom, then it is perfectly fine to select any bedding. But if you decide to keep it in a living room or workspace where you will use the daybed as a couch, most probably. 

So the bedding must be tailored accordingly. However, you must avoid using a bed sheet with ruffles for an office. A bedding store may contain some very decent beddings for the purpose.


Turning a mattress into a daybed is not that difficult. You only need an extra mattress to which you can add four legs, and your daybed is ready. If you want to decorate it, you can do so however you want.

Also, you can use different pillows to make good support for your daybed. Also, you can decide on choosing the beddings considering the environment of the place where you keep your bed.

Turning a mattress into a daybed can be a great creative idea that you can do on your own. A daybed can transform the entire look of the space in which you keep it.

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