Is Being a Barista Stressful? (Here Are The Facts!)

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Is Being a Barista Stressful?

Is being a Barista Stressful? 

Yes, being a barista will be stressful for various reasons. You will have to follow the time as it needs to work quickly and deal with the different customers which can be challenging. It is the responsibility of the barista to provide the perfect cup of coffee without any additional help. Thus, it can be entertaining as well. 

Is being a Barista Stressful?

If you have ever been employed in a coffee shop, you are aware of how difficult it can be to be a barista.

Baristas commonly face significant levels of stress due to interacting with abusive clients. Also, it happens while attempting to make coffee that tastes excellent.

So, if you ask, “is being a barista stressful?”, the answer will be yes. But the situation can be different in different places.

Some people find it stressful while others love to do this job. Thus, 475 baristas participated in a survey, and 47 percent of them reported injuries from upper body stress.

If you want to know details about being a barista, you have to go below and keep reading it! 

Is being a Barista Stressful? 

Working as a barista can be challenging but it varies depending on the employee and the particular job scenario. So, being a barista is difficult because of these six factors that are given below:

  1. Time Constraints 
  2. Dealing with Difficult Customers 
  3. Making Perfect Drinks 
  4. Not having Help 
  5. Physical Work 
  6. Early Mornings 

Time Constraints: 

Time constraint is the major reason for baristas’ mental stress. To satisfy customer needs, baristas have to work fast. It is part of their duty to work effectively and quickly. Due to the need to move quickly, this can be stressful for them.

Dealing with Difficult Customers: 

Managing difficult clients is the second and major factor that makes the barista’s job challenging. Some clients can be extremely demanding and aggressive.

They got aggressive especially if their drink isn’t made exactly how they like it. The job happiness and mental well-being of a barista may be affected as a result.

Making Perfect Drinks: 

Being a barista, you will have to make each drink under a significant amount of pressure.

With so many various factors to consider, this can be challenging. You will have to consider the kind of freshly roasted beans, the grinding, the water levels, the brand of espresso Best Coffee Maker 2023, and more.

Not having Help: 

Lack of assistance is also a significant factor that can make a barista stressed. When a coffee house or shop does not have sufficient employees, the present staff members will have to work under a lot of strain. Long days and little sleep will be the outcomes that can be very hectic.

Physical Work: 

Coffee beverage preparation can be extremely difficult. It is because they have to do heavy work all day.

A barista’s muscles can suffer or pull due to prolonged standing all day. They have to carry bulky bundles of ground coffee and clean coffee machinery. This will make their job more hectic and their mind disturbed.

Early Mornings: 

You might be aware that so many espresso shops are open earlier. That’s why baristas normally have to begin their jobs earlier than usual. For individuals who work in the morning, this will be challenging.

What are the Emotional aspects of Barista Stress? 

The duties of a barista are a lot more than simply making coffee. Additionally, they must be courteous and too friendly with consumers. 

If a barista does their work well, the client can assume that it was a pleasure to deal with them. 

The excitement presented to clients in many hotel positions is only a means of receiving additional bonuses. This bonus will be on top of the worker’s base pay. 

This kind of extremely polite method will have been promoted by the phrase “service with a smile.” Instead of conducting properly and developing effective incentives, it promotes effective compassion.

There are numerous ways for shop owners to satisfy consumers’ demands. They can do this without raising the mental stress on baristas as a whole. So, simply conveying needs to clients can help businesses create the culture for their places more effectively.

How to Reduce Stress Being a Barista? 

A barista’s work can be very difficult, especially if they have to handle a lot of customers.

They must work quickly and effectively while maintaining the highest standards of perfection for each beverage. Meanwhile, they have to deal with consumers who can be frustrated or demanding all the time.

Here are some easy suggestions that will assist you to stay cool if you are stressed out at work:

  • You must take a few slow deep breaths before beginning your work
  • Don’t forget to take pauses
  • Keep in mind that every client is distinct
  • Inform your manager of any problems
  • Find a relaxing pastime or activity to indulge in
  • Concentrate on one thing at a time
  • Keep in mind that making mistakes is OK


Is being a barista stressful? According to the research, 20% of baristas reported having anxiety attacks or chest pain.

Also, 62 percent of the baristas said that their work contributed to mental issues like sadness, and mood changes.

Well, it all depends upon the working environment at different places. Not every person will have the same experience. Some will enjoy their job as a barista and some will not be satisfied with this job due to the stress. 

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Is being a barista stressful? 

A barista’s job can be challenging. You must first know how to prepare all of the coffee beverages that clients will demand. Even when they are overworked, baristas must engage with customers professionally and politely.

Is it exhausting being a barista? 

It can be draining to perform as a barista. You have to move around a lot, stand up a lot, and make coffee all day. Additionally, you will not even have time for a break if you’re operating in a crowded coffee shop.

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