How to Memorize Drinks as a Barista? [REVEALED]

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How to Memorize Drinks as a Barista

How to Memorize Drinks as a Barista? 

Being a barista, you can manage and memorize different drinks. There are numerous tools and apparatus that you can use to memorize the beverages and their measurements. It is a little tricky task but not that challenging. Also, you can write down all the orders on paper and use a mnemonic device for this. 

How to Memorize Drinks as a Barista? 

Have you ever thought about how bartenders manage to memorize every order for a beverage? Is it weird mind skills, superpowers, or both?

Being a barista, there are numerous obstacles, from espresso beverages, lattes, and Frappuccino to everything in-between.

So, how to memorize drinks as a barista is a confusing question to ask. It is because remembering all the drinks is very challenging for anyone. Well, there are a lot of tricks that can be used to memorize all drinks and their measurements

Let’s talk about all the tips and tricks to memorize all drinks as a barista.

How to Memorize Drinks as a Barista? 

You can use these 7 easy techniques and tactics to help a barista memorize drinks:

  • You can make a mental picture of the order
  • You must record the orders
  • You can divide the beverage into stages
  • You must make use of mnemonics
  • You must read the sequence aloud again
  • You can make a reference sheet
  • You should try out the beverage at home

You generally need to memorize a huge list of beverage orders if you want to be a barista. This can be difficult, particularly when there are a lot of orders coming at once during peak times.

Well, there are a few easy methods you can employ that will assist you more efficiently remember customers’ orders:

Make a mental picture of the order:

You can find it easier to recall the drink elements and preparation techniques if you visualize the beverage in your head. For example, you can visualize the coffee, milk, ice, and caramel syrup mixing within the mixer if you’re trying to recall a Frappuccino.

Record the orders:

The quickest way to remember the order is to write it down. It is the best idea particularly if you’re not used to remembering drink orders.

Until you get the idea of creating the cocktail, you can just note down the beverage on paper. So, you can read it as necessary.

Divide the beverage into stages:

Drinks should be prepared in smaller portions so; you must carefully repeat each action. For example, if you are preparing a latte, you have to learn each step of the process at the start. You should consider this as a type of recipe!

Make use of mnemonics:

Mnemonic devices are methods for enhancing memory by connecting information with another item that is simpler to recall. For instance, you can relate a cappuccino to the phrase “cat” as both words begin with the character “c.”

Read the sequence aloud again:

You must make sure to recall the beverage orders accurately. It can also be achieved by saying them aloud. Before you begin preparing the beverage, you can mentally practice giving the order.

Make a reference sheet:

You can create a list of all the beverages that you have to remember. It also includes their components and ways to prepare them.

You can make notes of what you require to know when it comes to starting it. This is excellent for difficult or rarely made cocktails.

Try out the beverage at home:

You can practice managing the orders at home. When an order arrives, you can rapidly and effectively carry it out by doing this.

To know the differences, you can do the practice of mixing beverages and try mixing beverages with two or three doses. You can practice this with your friends and colleagues as well.

What are the Benefits of Memorizing Drinks as a Barista? 

There are many advantages to memorizing beverages as a barista. 

  • Time savings is the major benefit of memorizing drinks as a barista. 
  • This way, you can serve the consumer their beverage quicker, and you can rapidly recollect a coffee order. This is useful in times of high work and a busy schedule.
  • Additionally, learning cocktails from memory enhances your profile as an educated and skilled barista. 
  • When customers experience timely and effective services, they prefer to come back to the cafe again. Also, when they get pleased with the services, they will give a nice tip!
  • The ability to recall drinks will also enable you to promote clients. You can recommend enhancements if you are aware that a client prefers a special type of beverage.

So, for baristas who want to deliver outstanding service and increase their sales, memorizing beverages requires a significant amount of effort. For this, practice is all that they require. 


It can be difficult to completely memorize drinks. But with accurate practice and the correct methods, you can make it simple. You can take online classes to use different tools that can help you memorize different drinks as a barista.

For your further assistance, I have described different ways how to memorize drinks as a barista.

You can learn the skills and get the assurance you require to be a wonderful barista. This way, you can memorize beverages more rapidly with the help of this blog post.

Also, keep in mind that good practice can make you perfect. Don’t forget to share your remarks with me! 


Do you need to memorize recipes to be a bartender? 

Before you start preparing the dishes repeatedly, you must first store them in memory. If not, you will need to ask your colleague bartenders. Then you have to go back and forth between a cocktail guidebook, or take out your phone and check out the simple recipe.

How to memorize cocktail recipes? 

Notecards are the fastest and easiest way to memorize various mixed drinks out of all the memory methods. You must try to use notecards if you want to memorize and measure cocktail drinks accurately.

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