How To Make Coffee Thicker? (Simple Explained!)

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How To Make Coffee Thicker

How To Make Coffee Thicker? 

Making coffee Dalgona is among the greatest techniques to make creamy coffee. To begin, whip the coffee solution with an electric blender or a wire beater. Both techniques are equally efficient, but using an electric mixer is quicker and simpler than using a hand beater. You will mix the coffee mixture and add milk froth to it for a creamy and thick consistency.

How To Make Coffee Thicker?

You might agree that coffee is one of the most utilized drinks worldwide.

There are numerous variations of this beverage, and new varieties are created daily. What will you do when you want your espresso to be thicker? 

Thus, do you know how to make coffee thicker and what you will have to do for this?

Coffee can be thickened by utilizing a thickening such as a pack of xanthan gum, high proportion ristretto or immersing brewing, raw condensed milk, whipping cream, or other methods.

Among all, xanthan gum thickens coffee without affecting its flavor.

Let’s discuss different methods of making coffee thick; 

How can I make my Coffee Thick? 

It is a wonderful technique to brew coffee dalgona because it helps to make your coffee thick and creamy.

Below, you can find out how to prepare this and any other delicious espresso with the best technique possible. To make coffee dalgona, some essential items are required. 

To begin, you will have to beat the espresso liquid with an electrical blender or a cord beater.

Both approaches are incredibly useful. But using an electric blender is fast and simpler than utilizing a wire mixer. Also, you can utilize a conventional hand blender or a stand processor.

For this recipe, milk foam will be a fantastic idea. But it doesn’t function the same as you would think.

So that you must use a blender or a whisk for better effect. You will also require a coffee cup, a stirring bowl, a gauging cup, and a spatula.

What will you require to make Coffee Creamy? 

Below are the ingredients that you will require to make your coffee thick and delicious; 

  • Two spoons of Roasted Coffee Beans
  • Two spoons of sugar or any other Sugar Syrup 
  • One cup of milk
  • Four or Five ice cubes

2 spoons of Roasted coffee beans

The technique will not perform well with any other variety of espresso. For instance, espresso powder or coffee grounds won’t work with this.

It is because they don’t include the xanthan gum. It is needed to preserve the coffee’s structure while being beaten using a mixer’s beaters.

Any ground coffee will be fine, including instant caffeine-free coffee and rapid coffee powder.

You can choose any of them and use them for making your coffee thick and creamy.

2 spoons of sugar or any other Sugar Syrup

As an alternate flavor, you might utilize white sugar, brown sugar, honey, or golden syrup. Also, you can prefer your favorite syrup or other alternatives.

Hermit fruit is an excellent low-calorie sweet ingredient for espresso. This will give your coffee the required sweetness and delicious flavor.

1 cup milk

There are different types of milk such as almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, or plain cow’s milk that can help you to brew your coffee.

You can choose any among all to use if you don’t have access to any other types of milk. 

You can make your espresso using warm or chilled milk. It is all your preference and taste to make your coffee cold or hot.

Some ice cubes

You are allowed to skip the ice cubes and don’t add in your coffee. This beverage can be prepared hot or cold.

But if you want cold espresso, you can add some ice cubes or blend them with the coffee to make it cold.

Different Steps to make Coffee Thicker

Below are two ways to follow while making thick coffee; 

Process of Whipping the Coffee 

  • In a medium-sized mixing bowl, you will have to add the sugar, ground coffee beans, and boiling water.
  • After that, you will whisk the elements using a wire beater or an electrical mixer. You can use any of the equipment according to your preference. 
  • After a few minutes as one or two, the solution will stiffen and turn bright in color.
  • For a further five to eight minutes, keep stirring to combine it well.

At this stage, the liquid could support faint ridges. The foam develops a narrow point that bends on it. It will help to make gentle puffs when the mixing beaters are removed from the liquid.

Make the Drink 

If you are utilizing a coffee cup, you will have to place the pieces of ice inside of it. The whipped espresso blend should be spooned on top of the milk and ice cubes.

Now enjoy your custom-made chilled cup of coffee. You should stir the foam into the milk using a spatula before drinking this coffee. This will give it a thick and creamy texture.


In this article, I have clearly described how to make coffee thicker and what you can do about this.

When you will read this article, you will come to know what are the basic factors that can influence the taste and flavor of your coffee

In addition, you can add whipped cream or vanilla essence to make your espresso thick.

No matter which of these techniques you choose, you’ll be able to prepare a tasty mug of coffee that everyone will appreciate.

So, let me know your overall experience! 


Why is my coffee so thin? 

When making strong espresso, the choice is between flavor and caffeine levels. You will get more caffeine with a milder roasting or a prolonged brewing period. The caffeine level will make your coffee thin.

Can I make coffee strong? 

You will have to add the proper roasted and ground coffee beans for a richer flavor. Otherwise, your espresso would taste bad. Thus, darker coffee has a better flavor than less dark coffee. For a superb cup of flavored coffee, pick a darker roast from the coffee shop.

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