How to Grind Bone Without a Grinder? (Solved!)

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How to Grind Bone Without a Grinder

How to Grind Bone Without a Grinder? 

It is not that difficult and time-consuming to grind a bone without a grinder. Employing your hands is one of the best methods of grinding bones without the need for a grinder. Your thumb and fingers will have to gently place pressure on the bone. This force must be applied until the bone is completely shattered and broken.

How to Grind Bone Without a Grinder?

Do you have any leftover bones from the meal? You can crush them and utilize them for another task rather than wasting them. Thus, because people assume it is a time-consuming operation, the majority of people do not understand how to crush bones without a grinder.

It is essential to crushing bones without the assistance of grinders when they become stiffened. They can cause a risk of breaking your mixer or crusher. So, hand grinding is the safest option to prevent any potential damage from happening. How to grind bone without a grinder

I will provide you with instructions on how to properly grind your bones without the use of a grinder in this article. So, let’s have a look below.

How to Grind a bone without a Grinder? 

Using food producers and blenders instead of grinders will allow you to grind your bones. To let the bones work in the blender’s container more easily, you can slice them into little parts.

You will have to chop them using kitchen clippers or a strong knife. Also, you can cut the veggies finely if you need to combine them with the bones.

Let’s examine each stage separately as it is described below:

What will you have to do before Grinding? 

Before start grinding your bones, you must follow the instructions below: 

Pick the Right Bone to Grind: 

You will have to find the delicate and raw bones that the machine can swiftly grind. It is beneficial to think about the bones that will crush up the most effectively by doing the following steps: 

  • Do not use huge bones, such as those bones from lamb, hogs, or cows.
  • You should never utilize cooked bones as they could be difficult to crush. 
  • Typically, processed bones contain fewer nutrients than fresh ones.
  • The greatest bones for grinding include the midsection, chicken wings, backs, and even skulls. You can also utilize the bones of any other small animal, including fish and hare. 
  • You must avoid choosing bones that are difficult to break or excessively big or thick.

Prepare the Selected Bone: 

The picked bones must be separated into smaller pieces for easier processing into small chunks at this stage. To do this, make sure you have followed the steps given below: 

  • You will have to pick up the finest and most durable knife, such as a serrated knife. But if you have stronger kitchen scissors, those can be the perfect replacement.
  • After that, you will cut the specified bones into little parts that will suit your blender. For example, you might cut chicken wings at the seams where the bones are found.
  • Also, if you want to add anything like veggies you can add them to enhance the flavor.

How to start the blending procedure of bones? 

After selecting and preparing your bones, you can now grind them into granules to feed to your crops or animal. How will it become feasible? 

So, you can see below what you will have to follow:

  • You can take the hand blender or mixer you choose for the grinding process. You must avoid using bone crushers.
  • As you crush your bones in batches, you will have to add them all to the processor.
  • Then, you will add enough bones to the processor one at one time. During this, you must be careful to ensure that it runs effectively and produces precise ground.
  • You will have to pause for roughly 3–4 minutes between grinding cycles if it takes longer.
  • You must avoid exerting excessive pressure on your mixer or food processor while working. 
  • You must also ensure excellent grinding by adding very little liquid to the bones that will need it. You cannot add water to all types of bones.

What will you have to do after blending the bones? 

You can feed your pets after extracting the crushed bones. You must keep in mind that proportion is essential for suitable intake. More bones can be crushed and stored for further use. You don’t have to give it all to your animals.

Also, it is essential to clean your blender after using it. 

How to clean the blender?

After using it, it is necessary to clean your blender with heated water and soap. Otherwise, germs and bacteria can reside there and these can harm your health. Besides this, maintaining a blender would not be difficult.

  • You will have to pour a few drops of liquid detergent into the hot water in the container of the blender after filling it halfway. The most difficult smears or stuck-on meals can be removed with baking powder.
  • The blender should operate for around 15 seconds after turning it on.
  • After draining the hot water, thoroughly wash the blender with heated water.


This article contains all the information about how to grind bone without a grinder. You will have to follow the instructions and steps given in this article. Also, you must take care of some protection while grinding the bones. 

You can make use of a blender or a hammer and pestle for crushing bone. 

When using these techniques, you must use precautions because if not used appropriately, they might be harmful. Also, attentively read the directions before starting to avoid having an injury. 

What have you learned from this article?


Is it easy to clean a blender after grinding bones? 

It is essential to properly clean the blender with lukewarm water and cleaning solution once you have finished crushing bones. The leftovers in the blender might turn into a shelter for germs and microorganisms if you don’t thoroughly cleanse them.

How much bone should I grind? 

There is no applicable solution to this problem because the quantity of necessary bone grinding will differ based on your muscle weight and body structure. If you regularly tried to crush between 1 and 2 inches of bone, that would be beneficial.

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