How Mattress Are Compressed? (by Experts After Testing!)

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Hydraulic presses exert strong compression forces on mattresses. Therefore, mattresses usually undergo processing before transport. On the other hand, one can also compress the mattresses manually. The long and short is that both methods effectively compress the mattresses to fit in the box well.

Mattress compression does not come with any hard and fast rules. But it is a very outright process that involves high-pressure technology within. There is also manual compression applied.

On that account, the reduction is subject to squeezing the mattress for shipping purposes. Therefore, the mattress compression uses several modes to fit the box well. 

During contraction, automatic hydraulic press technology maintains the mattress’s durability. From firmness to thickness and pressure support, every mattress aspect is kept intact. However, the compression affects the quality up to a bare minimum level, which is not a big cheese. 

Are you probing into the mattress compression methods and eager to know about them? Spare a moment to learn everything about mattress compression. In this article, you’ll learn how mattresses are compressed. Scroll below for more.

Why Compresses A Mattress?

This query is significant because this will lead you to the real cause of compressing the mattress. Because of that, a compressed mattress eliminates debris from the mattress. While shipping, the mattress is prone to unhealthy micro-elements or dust mites which can later affect your sleep.

Additionally, the packaging process requires compressing it for easy transportation. So, it will make your mattress smaller than the original size, and you can move it without any hassle. Furthermore, to fix it in the box, you may need to compress it using high-pressure machines.

Methods For How Mattress Are Compressed?:

Regarding compressing a mattress, two well-known methods are most common. First, the mattress may have been resized to a smaller size to be shipped effectively. You might be hunting down the mattress compressing methods. Check the details given as follows.

1.  Hydraulic press method:

The hydraulic press method is a mechanical way of compressing the mattress. In that case, the hydraulic press in the industrial setting would compress the mattress.

Compressing mattresses in the industrial environment brings them to your home. Therefore, the thickness of the mattress amounts to less than half of its original size. Later it is boxed for shipping.

The automated compressing system crushes the mattress to fit in the box well. Moreover, the mattress press machine is another name in the technological mattress compression. Compressive forces from the hydraulic cylinder press the mattress from 20cm to 5 cm deep.

2.  Manual compress method:

Another effective mattress compression method is by hand. It is easy to do at home. It is a well-known process to compress any mattress, be it memory foam, innerspring, or any other. The in-depth procedure will adhere to these, as follows. First, dig into the description below. 

Required material:

For compressing a mattress at home, you require the following materials.

A Mattress bag:

It will act as a mattress to protect from unfavorable dust or dirt particles. This bag is a high-quality plastic material also very enduring. Get a mattress bag sizable to the mattress size; otherwise, the wrong size will be a troublemaker while compressing. 

Vacuum Bag:

If you don’t have a vacuum bag, get an ordinary one affixed with the vacuum. It works to create minimum pressure inside the mattress bag. Thus, this bag removes the air from the mattress.

Vacuum cleaner:

Using this cleaner, you can produce an airtight vacuum seal around the mattress. It eliminates all the air particles from the mattress bag. The vacuum cleaner comes with a hose attached to the valve during compression.

Duct tape:

A very resilient tape which closes the bag duly -It is a durable tape that won’t wear or tear easily. To hold the bag edges together, you’ll need this heavy-duty tape.

Ratchet Straps:

Unlike basic straps, ratchet straps are suitable for a mattress. During shipping, these stars will help you to carry the mattress.


1.    Lineup the mattress & covers:

First, set up your mattress and remove it from the bed. Use a protector if you haven’t installed it earlier. Next, line up the mattress in the bag and close it through the zipper if provided. If there is no zipper, duct tape can help.

2.    Remove the air:

Afterward, turn on the vacuum cleaner to remove the air from the mattress. For that, put out the valve from the bag. Next, insert the valve in the mattress bag and cut it to create a hole. Remember that the hole must be proportional to the area of the valve inserted. Then, use duct tape to block air escape. Now, use the vacuum valve to minimize the mattress.

3.    Start rolling:

Once all the air has come out, it’s time to strap up the mattress. Use ratchet straps for that. This way, you can easily hold on to the mattress while transporting. Also, you can roll it and then use the belts. It is because a rolled mattress is liable to more and more winching.

4.    Double check the air effusion:

Hence, always check for air leakage if you’re moving out of a mattress after compression. If there is any, then immediately tackle it. On that account, a sealable bag is an ideal choice. Double check the outflow from the pack to avoid halfway trouble.


The conclusion of this article tells you that you can compress mattresses by hand too. However, as far as machine-based compression is concerned, it works with a high press method.

Therefore, they appear to be more compressed than the manual ones. The final step is to do it properly, whether you use high-pressure compression technology or by hand. It is crucial because inappropriate reduction will result in a dross-surfaced mattress.

Moreover, this may cause a lot of trouble when shipped from one place to another. The bed-in-box mattress types are more accessible to compress than others. As a result, get your mattress compressed from a reliable source so that you can fix it later quickly. 

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