How Long Do Ikea Couches Last? [REVEALED]

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How Long Do IKEA Couches Last? 

The majority of IKEA furniture products such as couches can stay up to twenty years and some can stay thirty years. If you assemble them correctly along with all the screws, hinges, and other parts, they will stay safe. Otherwise, they will only stay for a few months or years.

How Long do IKEA Couches Last?

Everybody wants to have a couch that will give them comfort and reliability at the same time. Do you also want this? If yes then you must consider the IKEA couches that are on the top ranking for their furniture. 

IKEA furniture is very famous for being affordable and ready to install without additional tools. It is the major reason for their popularity all over the world. Also, IKEA furniture is very trendy, so you can take some out and put some in your house or office. 

So, before making a decision, it’s essential to understand what you’re going to purchase. How long do IKEA couches last? Let’s have a detailed discussion on it! 

How is the Construction Quality of IKEA Sofas?

Some of the IKEA couches are significantly more expensive and some are affordable. IKEA’s top-end leather sofas are made of high-quality dyed leather. 

The lower-grade leather sofas from IKEA incorporate crack and grainy leathers. So, you can consider the couches that are of good quality while going to purchase. 

Besides that, they are softer and more padded to get a comfortable nap on them. It all depends upon the product you purchase.

How Long Do IKEA Couches Last? 

The IKEA couches are made to endure for a long time with a reasonable price rate. They can stay safe for almost five years if you have purchased the right item. Also, by taking care of the maintenance of the couches, you can use them for eight years without any technical problems. 

They are designed with pre-assemble features to make their assembly easy and quick without any assistance. So, you will get this as a huge bonus for IKEA furniture. 

According to some reviews, the IKEA couches last longer than 20 years. But you will have to consider its proper maintenance as well for this.

It is appealing to know that IKEA provides you with inexpensive furniture. You can change it whenever you want without having to pay a lot of money.

So, IKEA furniture’s quality is generally good. They endure longer than other couches in their affordable price range. It all depends upon how you properly construct the couch. Also, you must take care of it while installing and not leave any parts out.

How Long Does IKEA Beds Last? 

The IKEA beds have a reasonable price range and simple style. They come in soothing shades that can look good and elegant in any space. According to some feedback, one person can’t assemble IKEA beds.

Some of the IKEA beds last for eight years and offer a 25-years warranty. If you properly take care of IKEA bed sets, they can easily withstand ten to fifteen years. 

When you have to transfer the bed and the bed structure is not correctly rebuilt then certain components can damage during movement. This is one of the main reasons why bed frameworks do not endure for a long time.

In this way, you will have to take extra care while moving the IKEA beds from one place to another.

Tips to make IKEA Couches Stay Longer:

Below are some tips and tricks that can help you to enhance the lifespan of your IKEA couches; 

  • If you want your IKEA couch to stay for longer, you must assure that all of the connections and screws are secure and tight.
  • You must purchase extra parts and components because having spare parts can help your IKEA furniture last for longer. For example, if a bolt or latch falls off, you can quickly fix it if you have extra parts.
  • If you have the proper place, time, and resources, you can take care of it to keep it in the proper shape without investing much money and time.
  • If you did not correctly build your IKEA couch the first time, you must have fully disassembled it and then reinstalled it. For this, you can purchase the essential parts to correctly rebuild it.

Additionally, this procedure helps you to correctly adjust all the fittings and connectors. 

  • If required, you can use grease on any necessary parts to easily move it.
  • You must buy an IKEA couch of a high caliber. It is essential to purchasing quality products rather than just inexpensive items. This will be the most crucial tip for improving the lifespan of your IKEA couch and other furniture.


All the discussion I have made in this article is about how long IKEA couches last. You will get all the information about the IKEA couches that are among the top furniture brands. When it is to couches, they come ready to assemble without further requirements. 

IKEA is an ideal household furniture name because of its brilliant and fully prepared architecture. But different people have different reviews about the construction quality of the IKEA couches. 

What about your remarks? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section!


How long does IKEA furniture last? 

It is accurate to claim that IKEA furniture is reliable. IKEA furniture lasts an average of ten years with proper maintenance and care. Also, they can stay safe for thirty years in some situations. But without maintenance, they can last for two years only.

Are IKEA couches comfortable? 

You will have to take extra care to make your couch comfortable. You must be cautious when choosing a couch that you want to sit on and sleep on. There are plenty of alternatives for IKEA couches that are both trendy and pleasant.

Should I buy furniture from IKEA?

Some IKEA furniture is more durable and will last longer than other products. But some items will last only for a few years. So, it is essential to have a deep look at construction while purchasing. 

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