Can You Use a Coffee Maker to Make Tea? (REVEALED!)

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Can You Use a Coffee Maker to Make Tea

Can you use a Coffee Maker to make Tea?

Yes, you can make tea in the coffee maker just like you make coffee. It is because tea does not require a lot of equipment to get prepared. Instead of coffee, you will just have to select the tea option on the machine. For this, you will have to set the temperature and water level appropriately. 

Can you use a Coffee Maker to make Tea?

Are you addicted to tea but the rest of your family prefers coffee? Then you might ask can you use a coffee maker to make tea? Well, it is not a bad idea to make tea in the coffee machine. You only have to consider a few parameters for this. 

You must be aware that not all coffee makers are created equal. That’s why you must have to select the right coffee machine for your preferred tea.

You will be shocked to learn that your desired coffee brewing technique will not deliver flavorful tea if you do not choose wisely.

For your further assistance, I have described more details below.

Can you make Tea in a Coffee Maker? 

Yes, a coffee maker can also prepare tea. You only have to understand the basic functions of the machine. If you can quickly change the water’s temperature and soaking time, you can prepare tea using a coffee maker

As a result, you will have complete control over the entire process. This way, you can make tea using a French press or Turkish Ibric.

It is also necessary to know that not all coffee makers are created similarly. And not all coffee-making techniques are suitable for preparing tea. You will have to check out the difference between these. 

Automatic coffee makers won’t function properly since the tea will overheat and become sour. In this case, the basic requirement will be the type of tea you will choose.

Green tea will be spoiled by extremely hot water, whereas herbal teas will withstand extra boiled water.

How to make Tea in the Coffee Maker?

It is not a difficult task to prepare tea in the Best coffee maker 2023. You must follow the instructions that are given below to make the tea in the coffee maker; 

  1. First of all, you will have to remove the filter as well as any beans that will be in the baskets area. You can use a moist towel to clean the area, then wash it out. You must clean the inside part of the pitcher with a wet towel as well.
  2. After that, you will have to use the coffee machine as usual. You can use and add a couple of glasses of vinegar and the usual amount of distilled water for this. 
  3. Then you will pour the vinegar and water combination inside once the appliance has completed its cycle. You will have to remove the pitcher and give it hot and cold water washing in the dishwasher.
  4. Restart the coffee machine with another complete water reservoir and no container. You must use just hot water to rinse it away. Any vinegar waste that was left over from the previous phase will be removed with the help of this procedure. 
  5. Your tea can now be placed in the basket. You have to use the suggested quantity stated on the package, bag, or container. If there are no guidelines, the general rule is to use one teaspoon per cup. 
  6. Once the tea has cooled enough to serve, you can start the coffee maker as normal.

Why you should not use a Coffee Maker for Tea? 

Due to the following reasons, you must use a coffee maker for tea.

  • No concept of steep time
  • Water temperature cannot be accurately regulated
  • Intensive cleaning procedure to prepare it

No concept of steep time:

There is no method to instruct a normal coffee maker to let the tea steep for a specific period. You will face issues before pouring the water into the reservoir while making tea. 

The majority of whole leaf teas, which must infuse for a specific period, have a serious issue with this. Tea that hasn’t been steeped for long enough will be insipid and flavorless.

Water temperature cannot be accurately regulated:

This is also a major problem. Water is heated in coffee makers to a degree just below boiling. For ideal processing, black tea requires water that is close to the same degree. Thus, colder water should be used to prepare other kinds of tea. 

This implies that the water used in a coffee maker is too heated for oolong tea and green or white tea. Too much brewing leads to bitterness.

Intensive cleaning procedure to prepare it:

It will require significant effort to clean old coffee residues from a coffee maker. To get rid of all the accumulated brown coffee filth on a coffee machine, you can utilize hot water and white vinegar. If you do not clean it, you will get a bitter taste in your tea.


Can you use a coffee maker to make tea? First, you will have to check if your plan to prepare tea using your coffee maker makes sense or not. Also, you must check which espresso machine would be suitable for brewing coffee.

Thus, purchasing a simple tea infuser is quite an affordable and preferable solution. You can use it with any teacup or mug you already have. They are inexpensive and greatly simplify the process of seasoning tea.

So, what option would you prefer to make tea? Let me know through your remarks! 


Can I use tea bags to make tea in the coffee maker? 

Yes, you can put the tea bags in the pitcher if you’re using them. You can at least manage the slow cooking time with this. You can drop the tea bags in the heated water after running the machine without anything.

Is it easy to make tea in the coffee maker? 

Yes, it is very easy and simple to make tea in the coffee maker. You must have complete control over the water and temperature level. It only has the cleaning issue while making tea using a coffee maker.

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