Can You Buy Cuban Coffee In The US? (Explained!)

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Can you Buy Cuban Coffee in the US? 

Although Cuban-style espresso is available throughout the country, Cuban coffee beans are unavailable in the United States. The majority of companies that offer Cuban coffee don’t utilize Cuban beans. Instead of that, they concentrate on re-creating Cuban processing techniques to produce Cuban-style espresso.

Can you Buy Cuban Coffee in the US?

You would choose to brew your coffee at home if you are a fan of Cuban coffee like many others. But is Cuban coffee available in the United States? Or can you buy Cuban coffee in the US? The simple answer is yes! 

Cuban coffee can be purchased all across the country but you cannot purchase it in the US.

But if you are looking for coffee that is similar to Cuba, I would suggest purchasing a container of La Carreta. These coffee pods are from South America having the same taste and color as the Cuban coffees. 

So, let’s have a close look to know why Cuban coffee is not available in the US. 

Can you Buy Cuban Coffee in the US? 

Because of trade restrictions and tariffs, Cuban coffee beans are typically inaccessible in the United States.

As a result, companies that promote coffee with Cuban beans don’t get their pods from that state. Instead, they obtain their legumes from foreign nations and cook them similarly to how Cubans do.

These elements result in two distinct varieties of Cuban coffee.

  • Cuban coffee beans are those that were grown there
  • Prepped coffee beans for making Cuban-style espresso

The rules of the U.S. ban against Cuba restrict the purchase of several goods, particularly coffee. As a result, American consumers had no access to Cuban coffee for more than 50 years. 

The restriction was then removed in 2016 and some goods were permitted. Nespresso rapidly took the chance to import Cuban coffee beans into the United States. Thus, Cuba was subject to fresh measures in 2021, which were then lifted in 2022. 

It is difficult to determine when coffee will be supplied to the United States. You can’t determine when it will be permitted and when it will be restricted because of this ban. 

Do you know that many well-known Cuban coffees do not use Cuban beans?

Cuban coffee manufacturers from the island came to the US in large numbers. A few established their espresso businesses in the United States after their arrival.

They started their business after watching the demand for Cuban coffee. 

Other companies utilized Cuban roasting methods to create their Cuban-style espressos.

It is because they saw a huge chance to sell espresso to the increasing Cuban community. This is how companies like Pilon, Cafe Bustelo, and La Llave got their start and rapidly became well-known.

Based on this, you can claim that roasting and processing methods are more important than seed origins for Cuban coffee.

Where can you Buy Cuban Coffee in the U.S?

There are mainly two ways to purchase Cuban coffee in the United States. Below are two ways to buy Cuban coffee in the US;

  1. You can purchase it at a supermarket
  2. You can purchase it online

Buying Coffee from a Supermarket: 

Walmart carries renowned Cuban-style coffees like Pilon and Cafe Bustelo. But they do not have real Cuban coffee beans. Besides that, you can purchase them because they are the best alternatives to Cuban Coffee beans. 

Furthermore, you will have access to a larger variety of Cuban coffees if your area has a Latino store.

For instance, in your region, you will have Bravo and Fresco Mas. And even though Cubita wasn’t sold anywhere else, you can purchase it from these shops.

Buying Cuban Coffee Online: 

Cuban coffees are more challenging to locate offline, but they are simpler to locate online.

For instance, Amazon offers many Cuban-style espressos that are unavailable in shops, such as Cuba Mia.

You will have to remember that Cuban coffee beans cannot be brought into the United States. But they are accessible in other nations like Canada. 

Another choice for getting genuine Cuban coffee grounds is to locate a website that you can trust and ask them to offer you beans.

In this way, you can purchase the beans from that reliable website. To get the assurance, first, you will have to read the feedback and rating of that website.

What brands of Cuban Coffee are available in the U.S? 

In the US, a variety of Cuban coffees are made and supplied. You can purchase the following items on Amazon:

So, if you are confused about which one is the best brand to purchase, it is recommended to choose Pilon.

It is because this is one of the best brands of Cuban Coffee Beans. The distinctive aroma of cocoa is what makes this brand stand out. Additionally, it makes an amazing deep dark and amazing cafecito.

La Carreta is the second option to choose. It doesn’t taste or smell like chocolate, but it feels just like Cuban coffee. It has a superb flavor and is the closest to real Cuban beans.


Let’s wind up the article that is all about the explanation of whether can you buy Cuban Coffee in the US or not.

After going through this complete article, you will get to know where you can purchase them and how you can pick the best beans. 

The supply of Cuban coffee beans in the United States is determined by trade regulations and prohibitions. Cuban-style coffees are well-known and widely accessible that are offered by many coffee chains.

Do you like Cuban Coffee beans? 


What are the different types of Cuban Coffee beans? 

There are various types of Cuban coffee beans that you can choose according to your taste and preference. You can choose from Cuban style, Cafecito, Café Cortado, and Cortadito. 

What makes Cuban Coffee different? 

Cuban coffee is unique for a variety of reasons and not all of them are related to the growing area or environment. The roasting, its preparation, and its brewing are the main factors.

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